Social Media

Earned Social Media Shares Trump Owned:
What You Need To Know

Want to leverage the power of earned social media shares to achieve your marketing goals? Here’s Simply Measured data with marketing tips.

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2017 Small Business Social Media [Research]

2017 Small Business Social Media

Do you need help with your 2017 small business social media strategy? Here’s research based help to improve results. Charts included.

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2017 Facebook: Is Your Business Missing Out?

2017 Facebook

Marketers–Ready for 2017 Facebook? Here’s the inside dirt on the must-have entity you need for your marketing. With charts & data.

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What Social Media Is Media Means For Your 2017 Marketing

Social media is media

Understand what social media means for your marketing. Social media is media explained by 3 key attributes.

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What The Grinch Can Teach You About Social Media

How The Grinch Stole Christmal book cover

Dr. Seuss’s Grinch can teach you about how to use social media. Here are 5 Dr. Seuss Inspired Social Media Lessons.

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How to Guarantee Your Social Media ROI is Zero

how to guarantee your Social media ROI is zero

47.9% of marketers can’t measure any social media ROI. Yet social media accounts for 10.6% of marketing budgets.
Research from Tiffany-quality organizations including Duke University’s Fuqua School of Business, the American Marketing Association and Deloitte charts Social Media Spend As Percentage of Marketing Budget. What does this mean for your marketing?

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2016 Small Business Social Media Trends Trump Understood

2016 Small Business Social Media Trends

Buffer’s State of Social Media highlights 3 key small business social media trends. This analysis and tactics will improve your social media use.

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50 Social Media Tips You Can Use Now

50 Social Media Tips

Here are 50 States of Social Media. This means 50 social media tips for your business. They will improve your social media marketing results.

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