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How To Use Stories To Increase Value and Drive Sales

Did you know stories can enhance product value & increase sales? Here’s proof with 5 story types any business can use (& small business examples.)

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Small Business: Do You Have A Dream?

Fifty years ago, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. inspired a generation with his “I Have A Dream” speech. With amazing content, Dr. King moved people who were at the Mall in Washington and who were watching via television. Dr. King’s call-to-action for social change mobilized people towards the goal of racial equality. As a business owner, while your goals aren’t as lofty as Dr. King’s, you must also be able to mobilize your audience to action.

Small business owners need to have a dream that drives them to create their business. To ensure that your company is on track to succeed, here are three actionable business steps you need to follow.

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Small Business: 3 Types of Marketing That Do Not Work & One That Does [Infographic]

Many small business owners think marketing is easy because it doesn’t require special skills like building software or compiling financials. Here are three types of marketing many small businesses use that are a surefire recipe for failure and one that works. [Infographic]

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How To Make Your Small Business Look Big

By their nature, small businesses tend to have limited resources. Therefore, small businesses boast about being nimble rather than getting on track to achieve their business objectives. To succeed, small businesses need to maximize their strengths to appear larger than they actually are. Here are seven actionable tactics to get your small business on course to achieve its goals.

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Using Social Media To Support The Purchase Process

For many small businesses, social media is often a time-suck. Despite this, your small business can leverage the power of social media to get prospects, customers, fans and the public engaged with your brand and content by being selective and targeted in your use of these platforms based on the different phases of the purchase process.  Infographic and 5 actionable social media tips.

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7 Elements Every Blog Needs To Succeed

In their book, Built To Last, Jerry Porras and Jim Collins develop, based on extensive research, a framework for creating companies that continue to be viable and profitable for the long-term. Here are seven major elements of their blueprint that can be applied to building a successful blog.


Customer Experience: The Key to Social Media Gold

When it comes to social media and business in general, the cheapest thing that you can do is to give your customer a good experience. Small businesses have an advantage in this regard since they often know their customers personally. The bottom line is that satisfied customers save you money in several ways:

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How To Get Your Small Business on the Map

One of the biggest advantages small businesses have is their physical presence since people like doing business with people they know. Therefore, don’t make prospects that need your business offering go on a treasure hunt for your physical address or phone number.

Here are seventeen easy, low-cost ways to get your small business on the map. From Heidi Cohen’s Actionable Marketing Blog.

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