Social Media: 33 Actionable Marketing Tips To Stretch Your Budget

Social media doesn’t exist in a marketing silo. Other marketing elements contribute to promoting your presence on various social media entities and social media supports other elements of your marketing mix; it’s a two-way relationship. Ensuring that your social media strategy is integrated into your marketing mix is critical for stretching your small business budget. Here are seventeen ways to leverage the rest of your marketing mix to promote your social media efforts and eighteen ways to use social media to support your other marketing plans.

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Is a Digital Line Forming to Get to Your Product?

Lines are a sign that prospects and consumers want a product. Do you have a digital line forming to get your product? Here are 4 reasons people wait in line and 4 metrics to measure your product’s line-worthiness.

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What the Shake Shack and Pre-owned Mercedes Have in Common

What do Danny Meyer’s Shake Shack and pre-owned Mercedes have in common? You’ll have to read on to find out …

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What Ice Cream Sundaes and Starbucks’ Via Have in Common

How to extend your product

Do you know how to extend your product offering? Here are 5 factors to consider based on ice cream sundaes and Starbucks Via. Includes checklist to help you

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Is Your Brand Getting Thrown Away?

Congratulations! Your marketing effort to build your brand and persuade prospects to buy your product has worked. Do you know what happens to your brand when consumers finish with your product?  This column outlines 3 ways to prevent your brand from becoming litter and 3 questions to ask regarding your brand. Read on ….

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How Not to Price: Time Warner Cable Presents Rate Hikes as Savings

Time Warner Cable recently raised rates and tried to present the increase as savings. After showing why this promotion felt deceptive, 5 other options for presenting the price increases are examined. Read on…