Can You Benefit From Your Competitor’s Overflow?

Lan Sheng, a midtown New York based Chinese restaurant, is located across the street from one of the best Szechuan restaurants in Manhattan. Here are 5 points to competitively assess your product offering. Please read on …

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How Chelsea Clinton’s Wedding Can Enhance Your Offer

Chelsea Clinton’s story book wedding to finace Marc Mezvinsky was kept secret. Here are 3 offer-realted marketing lessons from Chelsea Clinton’s wedding. Please read on ….

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What Marketers Can Learn From LeBron James: It’s the Total Offer

NBA free agent, LeBron James, generated a unprecedented amount of fan and media attention regarding from his announcement of his future team. What fan reaction overlooks and marketers can learn from is the fact that, for LeBron James, like your customers, it’s the total offer that matters. Here are 25  questions to ask about your offer. Please read on …

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