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Do Business Blogs Chase the Wrong Metrics?

Business blogs chase comments as a success metric just like other types of bloggers, based on Blog2Post’s Corporate Blog Survey. By focusing on comments, marketers are forgetting to set a business blog strategy based on their business goals and determining appropriate metrics as they do with other forms of social media. Here are 12 Corporate Blog Goals and Related Metrics

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Social Media Marketing’s Dirty Little Secret

Roughly three out of five marketers poised to allocate more of their budget to social media marketing in 2011 according to Strong Mail’s 2011 Marketing Trends Survey. So what’s the dirty little secret? They can’t measure it! Here are three tactics to get you started on the process of social media metrics.

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Monitoring Social Media – Best of the Tweets

The recent Monitoring Social Media Conference (#MSM10) in New York on November 4th and 5th provided useful insights on measuring the impact of social media on a company’s marketing and ROI. This Twitter stream which has been edited for redundancy and translated into proper English reveals many of the highlights and useful links.

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HOW TO Measure Return on Social Media Marketing

8 Ways Social Media Marketing Yields ROI Roughly half of all marketers can’t tell you the return on their social media marketing efforts according to e-Consultancy.  Sounds like a cop-out to me.  From my perspective, the benefits of social media marketing are neither harder nor easier to measure than many other forms of non-direct marketing.

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Data Demons (in a good way!)

Afraid of numbers and data but you need some strong analysis and information for your digital marketing? If so, here’s a great resource with a list of 16 digital marketing data analytics references.

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Is a Digital Line Forming to Get to Your Product?

Lines are a sign that prospects and consumers want a product. Do you have a digital line forming to get your product? Here are 4 reasons people wait in line and 4 metrics to measure your product’s line-worthiness.

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What Are Your Marketing Goals?

Every business needs marketing goals and a plan to achieve them. This article outline the 3 major marketing objectives that every business can use. (Hint: Branding isn’t one of the goals!) Also included are the related metrics to assess your success. Please read on …


7 Ways to Use Social Media Beyond Conventional Marketing

Social media networks account for slightly more than one out of every five minutes spent online. As a result, social media support a wider array of corporate functions. Here are 7 ways to use social media in your company and how to measure them. Please read on …

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