Marketing Metrics

Social Media Metrics ABCs

Social media metrics must track back to your business goals in order to determine your social media marketing strategy’s effectiveness. To help you, here are the ABCs of social media metrics.

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Social Media Metrics: How Am I Doing? [Chart]

Social media is a growing part of everyone’s marketing plans. To achieve optimal results, your social media marketing efforts must flow from your business goals and deliver measureable results. While this seems obvious, research shows that only one in three marketers measures social media ROI after three years. Here’s a chart outlining seven different business goals and how to track your related social media efforts. [Chart]

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How to Calculate Social Media Costs

Do you know what your firm’s social media marketing efforts really cost? Before you assume that social media can save you money, it’s critical to determine what you’re really paying for your social media marketing especially as budget season approaches and social media efforts expand. 7 Social media marketing activities and 10 related social media expenses are examined.

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What’s In Your Metrics Dashboard?

As budget season approaches for many companies, it’s a good time to review your interactive marketing metrics and assess their effectiveness at monitoring your business.  While measuring something is better than not tracking anything, as your marketing gets more sophisticated so should your related analytics. This tracking is critical in determining marketing effectiveness. (Keep reading for research data and table to guide your metrics.)

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Content Marketing Metrics [Chart]

To ensure that your content marketing achieves its business goals, you must measure your progress and results. Content marketing metrics incorporate a combination of traditional tracking analysis and more specific questions related to content creation. Here are seven content marketing metrics to assess the amount and quality of your content marketing and a chart of  content marketing metrics that can be monitored using existing tracking systems.

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QR Code Metrics [Data]

QR codes continue to gain attention as shown by Google Trends. While QR codes can contain embedded information that aids usage tracking, there are three significant challenges to expanding QR code usage short-term. Here are five basic QR code metrics to monitor.

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40 Blog Metrics

Ask many bloggers how their blog is performing and they suddenly get nervous. Why? Is there an arithmophobia epidemic raging across the blogosphere? The reality is that blog metrics are your friend. They help you understand how well your blog is performing relative to your goals. Here are 40 blog metrics to help you asset your blog’s performance.

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Klout: What’s Your Influence Report Card?

Like PeerIndex and Twitlyzer, Klout is one of the new online metrics sites that tries to provide an influence report card. With Klout as with any single metric, the challenge is that determining true influence requires measuring a variety of online and offline factors. To understand what it takes, 12 types of people with offline clout are examined and 12 ways to increase your offline clout are presented.

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