AMG Author Interview – Carla Johnson, RE:Think Innovation

Re:Think Innovation

Want to change your organization? See what Carla Johnson, author of RE:Think Innovation, recommends that your do.

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Influencer Marketing Relations: How To Improve Your Results

Woman with megaphone in street

Want to know about the why, who & what of influencer relations marketing?  Get the data and tactics  you need to create or improve your influencer marketing.

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Top Marketing Books: Experts Recommend the Best!

Top Marketing Books

Want to get a marketing education? Read the top marketing books recommended by experts. They  share their favorites & why every marketer should read them.

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50 Marketing Quotes For Back-To-School

Heidi Cohen at NYU - 50 Marketing Quotes for Back to School

Need inspiration to get your marketing on track for success? Then try these 50 marketing quotes for back-to-school.

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Voice Marketing Challenges: What You Need To Know Now To Get Heard

Voice Marketing Challenges

Looking to become voice-first? Then overcome these 5 voice marketing challenges to help your brand and business. Includes tips and charts.

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Branding on a Budget Checklist: How To Do Branding On The Cheap

Image of Heart Branding

Need to do branding on the cheap? Then use this Branding on a Budget Checklist to create your brand without extra cost across your business.

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4Ps Of Marketing Mix: The Best Guide To Show You How To Triumph

4Ps Of The Marketing Mix

4Ps of Marketing Mix will improve your business results. Add 4 more Ps  to update your Marketing Marketing Mix. With charts, infographics and tips.

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Voice Marketing Business Case: What You Need To Know That Will Make Your Management Agree

Voice Marketing Business Case

Need to make the voice marketing business case? Use this information & data packed step-by-step explanation & worksheet to win over your c-suite.

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