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Social Media Tools: What 50+ Of The Best Marketers Use

Social Media Tools

Do you need social media tools? If so, which ones are the best for you business. We define social media tools and why you need them. To improve your social media marketing, 50+ marketing experts explain what their favorite tools were and why they used them.

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Social Media Definition: The Ultimate Guide That Will Make You Smarter

social media definition

What is social media and how does it relate to marketing? 60+ marketing experts give their social media definition. Also includes data.

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Top Marketing Books: Experts Recommend the Best!

Top Marketing Books

Want to get a marketing education? Read the top marketing books recommended by experts. They  share their favorites & why every marketer should read them.

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Mid-Year Marketing Checklist: 75 Points

Mid-Year Marketing Checklist

Use this mid-year marketing checklist to find the gaps and issues with your marketing to-date. Get your marketing on track to succeed.

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The Ultimate 2015 Marketing Checklist To Guarantee Success

The Ultimate 2015 Marketing Checklist

Here’s the Ultimate 2015 marketing checklist. It includes content marketing , social media marketing, and mobile marketing.


Why You Need Up-cycled Content Marketing Now!

5 tips to up-cycle content marketing

Is up-cycled content marketing part of your marketing plans? Here are 5 actionable tips to help you up-cycle content efficiently.

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Pricing: It Is NOT About The Numbers

Pricing is one of the core 4Ps of marketing. It’s integral to achieving your business objectives. For most businesses, this translates to profits, aka ROI.

Scared of dealing with numbers, marketers, business executives and solopreneurs  guess at the “perfect” price rather than ensuring their prices are aligned with the rest of their marketing. The problem is that social media and mobile have changed pricing and increased price transparency. Source: Heidi Cohen’s Actionable Marketing Blog

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101 Social Media Marketing Resources

Here’s a monster list of 101 social media marketing resources (the 2012 edition) to help expand your knowledge of this ever-changing ecosystem. These resources are useful for newbies and social media mavens alike, looking to learn about the field as well as to hone their business skills.

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