Influencer Marketing

Influencer Marketing Relations: How To Improve Your Results

Woman with megaphone in street

Want to know about the why, who & what of influencer relations marketing?  Get the data and tactics  you need to create or improve your influencer marketing.

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Influencers: How They Improve Your Marketing Results


Is adding influencers to your marketing mix right for your brand? These definitions, data, and steps help you to get results from influencer marketing.

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The Catalyst – Book Interview

The Catalyst: How To Change Anyone’s Mind

Want or need to change people’s minds? Then read this interview with Wharton Professor Jonah Berger about his book, The Catalyst.

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Influencer Marketing ROI: How To Make Your Results Really Improve

Improve Influencer Marketing ROI with these Actionable Influencer Marketing Tactics based on research. Includes influencer research charts.

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30 Top Content Marketing Experts That Will Make You Smarter

Top Content Marketing Experts

Here are 30 Top Content Marketing Experts in a hand-curated list. Connect with these influencers if you’re at Content Marketing World this week. Follow them on Social Media.

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Frenemy Influencer Marketing: The Ultimate Guide

Frenemy Influencer Marketing

Frenemy Influencer Marketing helps you tap into the power of your peers to provide a win-win approach. Includes definition, benefits and challenges, where to find frenemy influencers, and 5 actionable strategies you can use now!


Top of Mind – Book Interview

Top of Mind book cover

What do many successful businesses and leaders have in common? They’re the first names that come to mind when people think about their particular industries. How do you achieve this level of trust that influences people to think of you in the right way at the right time?

In Top of Mind, John Hall show you how to develop habits and strategies that focus on engaging your audience, creating meaningful relationships, and delivering value consistently, day in and day out.


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Micro-Influencers: Inside Dirt Astute Marketers Don’t Know


Want to improve your marketing results? Tap into micro-influencer marketing to drive engagement & conversions at a lower cost.

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