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Social Media Marketers’ Favorite Non-Social Media Tool [Research]

Social Media Marketers' Favorite Non-Social Media Tool

Where do social media marketers turn to support and enhance their social media efforts? The answer may surprise you. Based on Social Media Examiner’s 2012 Social Media Marketing Industry Report, 87% of respondents’ top choice outside of social media was email. One could consider email an earlier form of social media communication.  In fact, social media runs on email. Source: Heidi Cohen’s Actionable Marketing Blog


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How Do You Expand Your Blog Reach? (HINT: Email)

What blogger doesn’t want to expand theirblog audience? While it’s not sexy, my one word answer is email. Before you skip off to another article, bear in mind that to entice people to read your content you must offer them options regarding when they want to read, where they want to read it, and what format and/or device they use to read. To this end, email, the number one activity on smartphones, is a great option since your audience always has one in reach and uses it to consume content as a filler activity in spare, otherwise wasted time.

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LinkedIn Celebrates 100 Million Members

LinkedIn just passed it’s 100 million member mark. To celebrate, they sent members a personalized email. This email has 3 marketing lessons for marketers.

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2010’s Top 10 Online Marketing Highlights [Data Included]

2010 was an important turning point for online marketing, particularly in terms of portable devices, new technologies and expanded communications channels. These highlights had a significant impact on marketing during the past year and will create a dynamic landscape for 2011 and beyond.

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8 Things Email Marketers Can Learn From NYC Pizza

Walking to the subway, I passed two pizzerias, an empty, shiny new one and an older one with a line out the door. In addition to enticing me to get a slice, it made me thinking about how NYC pizza was like email marketing. Here’re 8 ways that email marketing is like NYC pizza.(You might  want to get a slice before you read this article .)  Read on …