Is Social Media Dragging E-commerce Into The Future?

Social media continues to change our shopping experiences, both online and offline, supporting purchasing at every step of the process. Some have dubbed this social commerce. Let’s start by looking at seven examples of how social media is adding content, engagement and interaction. Based on these examples, here are five salient attributes as to how social media is dragging e-commerce into the future.

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Give Your Customers A Treat This Holiday

With Black Friday and Cyber Monday behind us, the holiday push is in full swing. While every marketer’s got a heavy promotional schedule lined up to drive sales, take a step back and think about your customers. Do something special to encourage holiday shopping while giving them something to talk about on social media platforms. Here are twelve ideas, one for each day of Christmas, to help you. Remember the goal is to lure them into your store, either retail or online.

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Social Commerce Defined

Social commerce is the marriage between social media and e-commerce. It’s shopping where social media platforms provide social engagement, contributions and (in some cases) purchase. According to WikipediaSocial commerce is the use of social network(s) in the context of e-commerce transactions.  Social commerce is defined by the following five attributes.


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What Is Social Commerce?

Social commerce is the evolution and maturation of social media meets shopping. With an ever-increasing number of consumers researching purchases online, especially social media sourced and created content, it’s no surprise that marketers are following their customers to support the purchase process.  While shopping has always been a social activity by its nature, the combination of engaged social media platforms and smartphone owning shoppers has streamlined and facilitated this process. To help you better understand social commerce and it’s impact on your business, here are nineteen definitions by a variety or social media and ecommerce experts.

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Social Commerce: 10 Options & How to Make Them Work For You [Chart]

Social commerce provides a social context for customers’ shopping experience that extends across the entire marketing process from product development through to post-purchase fans and brand advocacy. Social commerce continues to evolve and incorporates elements of social media content and engagement with the immediacy of mobile devices, mainly smartphones. As a result, your consumers are consulting a wider group of influencers and checking your retail and online competitors while they’re shopping in your store. (Chart outlining social commerce formats.)

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Are You Leaving Money on the Table?

What marketer isn’t on the prowl for new ways to build revenue streams? In my corporate experience, there was always another special sales goal or shortfall that needed to be overcome at some point every year. To ensure that you’re not leaving money on the table, here are seven free promotional opportunities within your organization.

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Social Media and Shopping: Where Consumers Gather Information [Chart]

Shopping is an inherently social activity. Therefore, it’s no surprise that consumers use social media when they’re evaluating products and making purchase decisions. Here are seven tips for retailers looking to expand their social media network interactions.

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If You Groupon, Will They Come? [Data]

Groupon announced it’s $750 million IPO. While the group buying industry is projected to increase by 138% to $2.66 billion in 2011, based on research by Local Offer Network, there are five significant challenges to Groupon’s deal-a-day model that are important to assess as a marketer.

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