3 Killer Amazon Advantages: How To Improve Your Marketing Now

Killer Amazon Advantages

Take advantage of Killer Amazon Advantages to improve your marketing. Includes actionable marketing tips and charts.

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Small Business Tactics: 10 Tips For Holiday Sales Freedom

Small Business Tactics

Black Friday & Cyber Monday Sales – Are you planning for long term growth? 10 small business tactics to gain freedom from holiday sales (Data)

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10 Twitter Tactics To Pump Up Holiday Sales

Are you using Twitter effectively to drive holiday sales?  With the 2012 holiday shopping season in high gear,don’t underestimate the power of social media, especially, Twitter to influence holiday sales. Here are 10 Twitter tactics and related research. Source: Heidi Cohen’s Actionable Marketing Blog

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Why Wait Until Black Friday To Make Your Best Offer?

Black Friday is here and customers, eager to get the best deals,  have been camped out in front of stores all night. As a marketer, I wonder how many of these customers will buy anything that’s not on sale and what proportion of their purchases are just time shifted to take advantage of the reduced prices, after all it’s the holiday season. From a marketing perspective, have we just trained customers to expect holiday sales? Here are seven promotions to entice your customers.  Source: Heidi Cohen’s Actionable Marketing Blog

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5 Things that Your Boss Doesn’t Want to Know About Commerce [Social Media & Mobile Included]

What do you think of when someone says shopping? An afternoon at the mall or the local department store? This may have been true a few years ago but toady you need go no further than the closest connected device, be it a computer, tablet or smartphone to shop. This change in buying behavior requires changes in your marketing plans.

While your boss may not want to adapt your organization’s merchandising, to remain relevant and part of the consideration set, it’s critical. Here are five new commerce trends that your boss doesn’t want to know about and strategies to win him over.

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5 Social Media Tactics to Fight Mobile Showrooming and Deals

If you’re selling stuff via the Internet, you’re most likely combating the dual mobile enhanced challenges of price-oriented, deal seekers and showrooming. To mitigate the impact of these profit-eroding consumer trends, integrate social media into your website and merchandising. Here are five social media tactics to transform your online e-commerce engine into a shopping experience consumers crave.

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5 Social Media Shopping Insights [Charts]

Social media influences sales. For many retailers, this is difficult to track because its impact often occurs before they know prospects are in shopping mode. Social media is a critical aspect of the purchase process regardless of where shoppers buy. Here are five research insights with charts and five marketing tactics. Source: Heidi Cohen’s Actionable Marketing Blog.

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Mobile Commerce – What You Need to Know [Research]

Look I'm shopping on mom's smartphone

Mobile commerce is happening now! It’s everywhere fueled by expanded smartphone ownership. If you want to reach your prospects, it’s critical to be where they are! Smartphones in hand, consumers aren’t waiting for your company to decide to build a mobile website or app. Here are five mobile commerce insights based on consumer use of mobile devices for shopping to help shape your organization’s mobile strategy. Source: Heidi Cohen’s Actionable Marketing Blog

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