Direct Marketing

Direct Marketing ABCs – Digital, Social Media & Mobile Included

Direct marketing solicits an immediate action such as an order, application or registration. It’s evolved since its early catalog beginnings (Does anyone remember the massive Sears Roebuck catalog?) and now encompasses digital, social media and mobile. To help you better understand direct marketing as it’s currently practiced, here are the ABCs of direct marketing.


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How Groupon Works

Groupon has attracted a lot of attention of late due to the large sums of money that companies are willing to pay. At its core, Groupon has combined email and direct marketing techniques to create offer that customers can’t turn down. Here are seven tips to enhance your etailing to leverage the strength of Groupon.

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11 Point Marketing Offer Check List

A  marketing offer encompasses more than just price. According to direct marketing experts Bob Stone and Ron Jacobs, an offer has eleven elements. Here’s checklist to help you develop your offer to ensure that it’s in line with your marketing goals. Please read on. …

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Package Inserts-Neglected Digital Marketing Revenue Source

Package inserts, small advertisements placed in outgoing customer package shipments, are one way direct marketers promote their own offering and that of third party advertisers. Digital marketers often overlook using package inserts as a source of revenue. This article provides six questions to determine if package inserts can be useful for your business. Read on …

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5Ws of Renting Postal Addresses to Increase Revenues

Take a page from catalog marketers, rent the postal addresses of your prospects and customers to generate incremental revenue. This column examines the 5Ws, Who, What, Where, When and Why of renting the postal addresses of your prospects and customers. Read on …

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