New Job? What To Do Before You Drink The Kool-Aid

Even though the economy’s still not booming, a number of colleagues have recently gotten new marketing jobs. This got me thinking about the advice for new employees that I’ve given my students over the years.  Starting a new job, like being a newlywed, is a special time. Before you become indoctrinated in the firm’s way of doing things (aka drinking the Kool-Aid,) here are three areas in which you can gather important information that will help you structure your approach,

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New Job? What to Do Before You Give Notice

Have you just landed a great new job? Whether you love your boss and dread telling him that you’re leaving or hate your job and want to tell your firm to shove it, take a deep breath and put these thoughts aside. They’re for your therapist not the workplace. Instead think about making your departure positive for you, your boss, your colleagues, your staff and your firm. Your goal should be to leave the door open. Therefore, here are my five suggestions to ensure you make the most of this time.

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