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    Very good post !

    Once I have been asked for defining BRAND in just a few words…..i made it very clear mentioning – 1-“promise” and 2- “emotion”.
    Brand is a “promise” you give to your customers (your “frineds”)..
    and Brand is a “emotion” that is shared between users of product/service!

    There are two main stages that lead to creating “Brand evangelists”-highest level of “friendship” between your brand and customers – Adoption (product has become a regular part of their lives) and Advocacy(they want to bring other customers on board )….

    Regards from Macedonia , @BorisUnited

  • “They create emotional rather than rational bonds”, I LOVE it. An observation it takes 100 years for IBM to create and maintain its BRAND, 100 start-ups can’t do that, what now?

  • The 10th question made me think about an article I read a while ago. Great insight on color psychology could be useful for those in the early stages of developing their brand. – http://www.logocritiques.com/resources/color_psychology_in_logo_design/