Zombie Loyalists – Book Review

Zombie Loyalists: Using Customer Service To Create Rabid Fans


Zombie LoyalistsZombie Loyalists is a fun-to-read book that should be a must read for every business today regardless of size. At its core, Zombie Loyalists is a customer service handbook chock full of real life examples.

Shankman simplifies the key take in one word: Brains


Shankman talks from personal experience both as a rabid fan of several brands including United, Starwoods Hotels and ScottieVests as well as a business owner.

Shankman is loyal to brands he personally likes. In 2011, he jokingly tweeted Morton’s Steakhouse to meet him at Newark Airport with a porterhouse steak.

Shankman-MortonsSurprisingly, Morton’s knew Shankman well and delivered the steak. (Here’s the full story from Shankman’s blog.)

Shankman’s tweets yielded a ton of social media conversation and PR. In addition, Shankman’s Morton’s tweet was named 1 of the Top 10 tweets of 2011!

Shankman is an influential thought leader who has been testing and breaking the rules of business for years. He created Help A Reporter Out, a match-making service for journalists and businesses. Started as a group on Facebook, it’s now owned by Vocus. Sign up for free 3x daily email to help get your business more exposure.

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