Best of 2010-Looking Back to Move Forward in 2011

To get on track for 2011, let’s take a look at where we’ve been. For many individuals and businesses, 2010 was a pivotal year for social media. Social media went from something we tested and/or used with family and friends to being an important communications vehicle. Time Magazine’s nomination of Mark Zuckerberg as its Man of the Year underscored this tipping point.

Here are seven articles on social media to give you a quick refresher course and help jumpstart your new year.

  1. 2010’s  Top 10 Online Marketing Highlights – No surprise here. Facebook is top on the list.
  2. 5 Indicators of Social Media Maturity – Social media usage by firms continues to mature. Here’s five points to track.
  3. 2010 Proved Social Media Matters – Three highlights underscore why social media took center stage in 2010.
  4. One Out of Three Businesses Doesn’t Use Social Media – Is your business being left behind?
  5. Is Your Brand in the Social Media In-Crowd? – Be warned this is an elite group (less than ten!) How do you break into your consumers’ inner circle?
  6. How to Build Your Social Tribe – Every individual and business needs its core supporters. Here’s how to grow yours.
  7. How to Measure Return on Social Media – Are you tracking social media? If not, here’s how to start.

Further, to help you navigate what 2011 holds for your business, here’s a set of recommendations to add to your reader or email.

I wish you, your family, friends, colleagues and social media contacts the best for a happy, healthy and productive 2011.

Happy marketing,
Heidi Cohen

Photo credit: NASA Goddard Photo and Video via Flickr

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