Audio Content Research: What You Need To Know To Improve Your Marketing

Audio Content ResearchIs Audio Content part of your marketing strategy?

Not sure?

Use the results of the 2021 Edison Research’s Audio Content Survey to guide your audio content marketing.

It reveals how consumer use of audio and voice has expanded beyond smart speakers.

What Devices Does Your Audience Use To Consume Audio and Voice Content?

Consumers continue to listen to and expand their use of audio and voice content.

As the 2021 Edison Research reveals:

  • 94 million Americans 12+ listen to audio content on smart speakers. This accounts for 33% of US adults. Of these, 24% use an Amazon Alexa device and 13% use a Google Assistant device;
  • 51 million Americans 12+ listen to voice content on their computers. In total, this translates to 18% of US adults;
  • 145 million Americans 12+ listen to audio and voice content on their tablets for a total of 51% of US adults; and
  • 250 million Americans 12+ listen to voice content on their smartphones. In total this amounts to r 88% of US adults.

Over the past 3 years, US adults have increased their use of a broader array of devices to consume audio and voice content.

While smart speakers started as the shiny new device, the truth is that smartphones have taken over the audio and voice content consumption.

Because they’re always with us!

In addition smartphones allow users to personalize the content they want when, where and how they choose to listen to it.

Internet-connected watch ownership
Tablet Ownership
smartphone Ownership

Further, despite the emergence of in-car listening systems, smartphones remain the in-car audio content device of choice. About half of the adult population uses their own smartphone in their car.

online audio listening in car through a cell phoneAlso, listeners use a variety of different content sources in their cars. They include AM/FM radio, owned music, online audio, podcasts and subscriptions.

audio sources currently ever used in car

Audio and Voice Content Formats

In addition to using more types of devices to listen to audio and voice content, consumers are listening to more forms of content.

Roughly 7 out of 10 US adults or 193 million people listen to some form of audio content. On average they listen to 16 minutes and 14 seconds per week.

Monthly online audio listening 2021average time spent listening to online audio 2021

On average, half of the time people listen to audio content with other people. So that voice content isn’t just personal content.

frequency of listening to audio with other people

The audience for audiobooks has remained steady at about half of the US adult population or 131 million people.

So transforming your content marketing and other communications can increase your listenership.

Audiobook listening

Another fifth of the US adult population watches and listens to video games. This audience tends to be a younger demographic.

Live Streamed Video Games

Podcast listenership continues to grow. In 2021, over 40% of US adults listened to podcasts or 116 million people.

Monthly Podcast Listening

On average, US adults listened to 8 podcasts per week.

What does this mean for your content marketing?
Offer a variety of different forms of audio and voice content.

Number of Podcasts listened to last week

Audio Content Research Conclusion

Find out what your audience is listening to now. Include which devices they use and when, where and why they choose to listen to entertainment and information.

Realize that it’s not just podcasts and smart assistants. It includes old (and new) fashioned AM/FM radio. For example, in the US, local talk radio is a major media source for elections in the US.

So assess what type of audio and voice content you have within your organization. This includes the soundtrack to video and other presentations.

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