Vince Lombardi Gives Social Media Marketing Advice [Quotes]

Vince Lombardi: What A Superbowl hero can teach social media marketersDid you know that you can learn social media lessons from Vince Lombardi?

Vince Lombardi is considered one of the greatest football coaches of all time. He won five NFL Championships including Super Bowls I and II during his time coaching the Green Bay Packers.

Here are 7 social media lessons from Vince Lombardi, a Super Bowl hero.

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Marketing ChatGPT: Why It Is Not Ready For Primetime

Everybody is talking about Marketing ChatGPT!

Are you?

More importantly, do you know what Marketing ChatGPT is?

Don’t worry—As usual, we’ve got you covered!

Marketing ChatGPT is the latest form of conversational AI to help accomplish repetitive marketing functions. As a result, it frees your marketing employees to work on more creative and complex activities. Continue reading

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PR Crisis Management Planning: What You Need To Know To Survive

PR Crisis Management Planning Does your business have a PR Crisis Management Plan?

If you don’t know, your firm probably doesn’t have one!

Always monitor the environment for potential a PR Crisis elsewhere to spread or have an unknown impact on your business, industry or the broader economy. This way you can decide how to address it and the potential fallout to stay ahead of the challenge.

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10 Voice Marketing Take-Aways From Voice22 Conference

Voice Marketing Take-AwayThese voice marketing take-aways from Voice22 will improve your marketing.

Voice22 (aka: Voice Summit) has been at the forefront of emerging Voice AI technology since 2017.

As an active member of this Voice AI community since mid-2019, I’ve moved beyond the newbie stage at an accelerated rate. I accomplished this by participating extensively in the global virtual meetings, voice specialties and foci. Continue reading

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Presentation Success: How To Create A Killer Preso Every Time

Presentation Success: How To Create A killer Preso Every TimeWant to achieve presentation success in-person or virtually?

Want your audience to pay attention and engage with your talk?

Of course, you do!

Regardless of venue, real life or virtual, ever notice how certain speakers always deliver a great presentation while others only read their slides? Continue reading

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Marketing: The 4 Moments of Truth [Chart]

Marketing 4 Moments of TruthDo you know what Marketing’s 4 Moments of Truth are?

They consist of the interactions your audience has with your products and services.

These Moments Of Truth take place in real life or in a variety of contexts based on content formats, platforms and/or devices based on needs and wants.

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Content Consumption: How We Consume Content Now (and What It Means For Your Marketing!)

What are your Content Consumption Habits?

Chances are you have one or more devices within arm’s reach.

Don’t worry you’re not alone!

71% of Americans sleep with or next to their smartphone (Bank America research).

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Marketing Offer: How To Actually Price Products And Services To Get Better Results

Marketing Offer: how to actually price products & services to get better resultsA marketing offer is the hook that gets prospects and customers to buy.

It extends beyond the price of a product or service.

The total marketing offer takes into consideration your marketing goals as they relate to your target market to maximize your business effectiveness.

As a result, your marketing yields the maximum number of buyers to optimize your profitability.

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