Why About Pages Really Matter

It’s Not About You: 10 About Page Essentials

Why spend time on your About page?

No one looks at About Pages. Or do they? For many, the About Page is an after thought, something on your blog or website checklist that has to get done.  But the reality is that your About Page is important. Not just so your mother can think that your website or company provides value but rather to help your potential readers and customers learn more about you.

Don’t take my word for it! Look at your stats and you’ll find that, at least for bloggers, the About Page ranks among your top ten most viewed pages. Doesn’t that give you a clue that your About Page deserves some time and consideration before you just slap something together?

Here’s the secret behind About Pages.

People like to deal with people they know. They also want to know that someone’s home. This is particularly important for etailers because customers have to trust you not only with their money but also their personal information. Your About Page should show a level of transparency to build trust with visitors. At the same time you want to encourage them to check out other areas of your site.

10 Essentials your About Page must have

Your About Page gives prospects a chance to look behind the scenes at who you are. Think of it as a backstage pass to your website or blog. Now doesn’t that sound much more exciting? So what are you going to do to make your About Page more alluring while giving readers the information they’re looking for?

  1. Show me. Display fun photographs of the folks behind your website or blog. Use this opportunity to show your personality. These photos shouldn’t look like you’re ready to go to a funeral.
  2. Who are you? Not your life story, save that for your mother. Rather, explain in plain English why we should buy from you or listen to you?
  3. What do you do? This is your elevator pitch, not a boring drone in corporate-speak.
  4. Show me the proof. What gives you credibility? This can range from your CV to customer comments.
  5. In the spotlight. Is there any content or other information you want to highlight? Here’s a good place to show it off.
  6. Give them something special. Use other forms of media such as a video or download.
  7. Tell me a secret. What’s something unusual that you’ve done?
  8. Reach me now. How and when can people contact you if they wish to?  Don’t bury your contact information.
  9. Include the fine print. Is there something that readers or customers need to know? For example, Chris Brogan lists his corporate associations and other affiliate programs on his about page.
  10. What are the house rules. Do you have guidelines that you want readers or users to follow? If so, link to them here.

When creating your About Page make it another doorway into your website or blog. The goal is to entice readers to go further into your site. But most important of all is to start building a relationship with them. Make them feel like they’re part of your online family.  Remember, the About Page isn’t about you, it’s about making your visitors feel at home.

Are there any other elements that you suggest including in an About Page? If so, please include them in the comment section below and explain why.

Happy marketing,
Heidi Cohen

Hat tip to Mack Collier and the members of BlogChat for inspiring this post.

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