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Heidi Cohen interviews Joe Pullizzi and Brian Piper on their book, Epic Content Marketing, 2nd Edition
AMG Author Interview: Joe Pulizzi & Brian Piper, Epic Content Marketing, 2nd Edition

Joe Pullizi and Brian Piper answer questions about their book: Epic Content Marketing, 2nd Edition and how it can help you Break Through The Clutter With A Different Story, Get The Most Out Of Your Content And Build A Community In Web3

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Monthly Content Themes
Monthly Content Themes: How To Get Your Blog Content On Track

Want to structure your blog content better? Create calendar of monthly content themes to streamline content creation. Worksheet & examples

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Content Creation Skills
Content Creation Skills: 10 Fundamental Abilities Your Team Needs To Succeed

Want to improve your team’s content creation skills? Then make sure you have these 10 fundamental abilities to make your content marketing succeed.

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Andy Crestodina - Content Chemistry
Content Marketing World Authors Will Make You Smarter

Want to be a content marketing smarty? Check out these Content Marketing World authors. Since books are the ultimate long form content marketing, they know how to create the useful information you need.

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Dog With Glasses Reading Book- Book Marketing
How Book Marketing Can Actually Improve Your Content Marketing Results

Want to expand your content marketing? Then add book marketing to increase your audience and sales. Includes case studies, examples and tips.

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5 Writing Misconceptions: Why Your Third Grade Teacher Was Wrong

Did your third grade teacher instill you with a fear of writing. This advice about 5 writing misconceptions she taught you will set your creativity free. So you create better content.


Content Series
How To Create a Content Series Even If You Have Writer’s Block

The ultimate guide to creating a content series including definitions, how-to’s and 5 key steps. Even better it helps you overcome writer’s block!

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dad-tested content marketing secrets
10 Dad-Tested Content Marketing Secrets To Make Your Results Better Copy

Want to improve your content reach and results? Use these 10 Dad-Tested Content Marketing Secrets. Includes examples and tips for your marketing plans.

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