33 Free Titles To Crush Your Writer’s Block

Winter Titles Your Blog and Content Can Warm Up To

Kitty with paper ballIf you’re like many writers, at some point, you’ve faced your blank computer screen syndrome (aka: writer’s block) immobilized and unable to type a word

As you write more the chances increase that your writing inspiration will get fatigued especially if you’re focused on a well-defined topic. One way to break out of this rut is to gather outside inspiration.

You can organize and fill your editorial calendar by using your promotional calendar as a guide to creating content and blog posts around each marketing event. This doesn’t mean stuffing your content with marketing mumbo-jumbo. Rather use the associations as a hook. Doing this enables you to create a several related pieces on the same topic.

As the hook that lures readers in, titles are a critical element of any content or blogging. To inspire your writing, here are 33 free titles for winter.

The great part about these free titles is that if you don’t like them, they’ll get you thinking about related ones. Make sure that you jot your ideas down so that they don’t evaporate. (BTW—We invite your to add you suggestions in the comment section below.) Winter Titles for Blogs and  Content

Winter blues. In the aftermath of the Polar Vortex, it’s hard to avoid this topic this winter. From a content creator’s point of view, it’s great since it provides multiple hooks.

  1. How to Stay Warm Without A Monster Heating Bill. This is a list post for any home repair or do-it-yourself content. The tips can be as easy as check that all of your windows are securely closed.
  2. 10 Things to Keep In Your Car In Case Of Snow. Think emergency kit with water and Powerbars. Of course, don’t forget the kitty litter, it’s useful for getting you off of an ice patch. Go one step further and make sure that your content is printable.
  3. How to Get Exercise Without Leaving Your Home. This is a good one for people who can’t go out in the cold.
  4. 5 Cold Weather Recipes To Cook With Your Children.  If your kids are home, why not teach them how to cook healthy and make dinner at the same time?
  5. 10 Tips For Taking Snow Photographs. How do you capture the moment and tell the story? This is good for photography sites as well as children’s activities.

Chinese New Year (January 31th). This year is the year of the horse. It’s a good time to highlight Chinese traditions or food.

  1. 5 Recipes to Celebrate The Year of The Horse. Share some recipes for Chinese New Year specialties.

Ground Hog’s Day (February 2nd) Who ever thought up the idea of letting a oversize rodent decide when winter will end? Started in 1886, the groundhog has a good record of getting this right according to AccuWeather.

  1. How BLANK Can Cast A Bigger Shadow. This is good start for a marketing or business blog trying to appear larger than they are.

Super Bowl (February 2nd) Often referred to as the “Big Game”, use the Super Bowl to bring out the inner football (US) fan in you.

  1. The Ultimate Super Bowl Party Checklist. This is a good addition to any food or party site.
  2. Top Football Quotes. Use these words of wisdom to inspire your audience. It’s useful for sports sites as well as business that runs on sports analogies.
  3. Top Super Bowl Ads. This is a great hook for advertising and marketing blogs to discuss what works and what doesn’t work. You can use this in the run up to the game as well as post game. BTW- Don’t forget the social media component!
  4. What Else You Can Do With A Super Bowl Ad Budget. Here’s alternative for how to spend your marketing dollars.
  5. What To Do On Super Bowl Sunday Other Than Watch The Big Game. This is a good hook for crafters as well as travel sites.

National Heart Health Month (February) and the associated  “Wear Red Day” (February 7th). While the objective is to promote heart heath, it’s a great time to paint your content red.

  1. 28 Heart Healthy Recipes. Help your readers cook foods that taste good and are good for them. Use this as a theme all month long.
  2. 5 Exercises To Keep Your Heart Fit. Show your readers how to help their heart. This is useful for exercise and self help blogs and content sites.
  3. 7 Small Changes That Will Improve Your Heart Health. For many people, making a change is hard. Instead, focus on the small things like count to 10 before you yell at someone. This type of help can work on for a wide range of different topics.
  4. 7 Ways To Wear The Red. This is a great way to spotlight the red items in your clothing or accessory offering. Go visual!
  5. 5 Red Scarf Patterns Everyone Will Love Wearing. This is good for knitters and crocheters. Create some new patterns and show off the finished pieces. Get your customers or readers involved.

Winter Olympics 2014 (February 7th – 23rd). This happens every 4 years so why not use it as a hook. Like the Super Bowl, be careful in your use of the word “Olympic”. Take a page from Stephen Colbert who got his fans to help support the US Speed Skating Team in 2010 (Check out how he used this as a means to create more content!)

  1. What BLANK Can Learn From Olympic Stars. Training for the Olympics takes hard work and perseverance use this as a jumping off point for your content.

National Clean Out Your Computer Day (February 10th). While not a holiday on everyone’s calendar, this is a great opportunity for any technology related content to focus on getting organized, especially since most people let old files and copies of stuff just take up space.

  1. The Idiot’s Guide To Cleaning Up Your Computer. Make it easy for anyone including your mother to get their computer in order.
  2. 10 Helpful Apps Every BLANK Needs To Get Organized. Review your favorite apps for staying on top of things. This can work for almost any topic since the apps can be tailored to your audience.
  3. 7 Computer Tips and Tricks (Your Tech Support Doesn’t Want You To Know). This is another way to position easy but help ways to organize your computer.
  4. How To Organize Your Computer. While this sounds like a no brainer, a lot of people just have one document folder or one inbox. Show a few different options for how to organize your content for future retrieval.

Westminster Dog Show (February 10th -11th). Since dogs are often like a member of the family, why not use this high visibility event to show your love.

  1. 10 Products To Help Keep Your Dog Healthy. This is a great way to spotlight your product.
  2. Our Favorite Dogs. This is fun way to get your employees involved in your content creation. Get them to submit photos of their dogs with fun information. Alternatively, get your customers involved.
  3. 5 Top Dog Walks. This is good for a local content site to spotlight places to take your dog and get some exercise as well.

Valentine’s Day (February 14th). Calling all sweethearts. Contrary to popular belief this holiday isn’t always a strong hook for every business. (That said, Cisco created this great Valentine.)


For some businesses, specifically, jewelry, candy and flowers, Valentine’s Day is a major event.

  1. We ♥ Our Customers. Show 14 of your customers and explain why you love them.
  2. 14 Romantic Date Options. Give your readers some help. This is good for local guides and travel sites.
  3. 14 Ways To Be Romantic Without Breaking The Bank. Unfortunately, Valentine’s Day can get very pricy. Offer your readers some suggestions for other unique ways to celebrate love on the cheap.
  4. 14 of the Most Romantic BLANK. Show your sentimental side with this post. It’s good for a wide range of options.
  5. 14 Best Gifts For Valentine’s Day. This is a great piece to write for a men’s site for suggestions that go beyond the usual flowers and candy options.

President’s Day (February 17th) Focused on George Washington and Abraham Lincoln. As a bank holiday in the US, this is also a long weekend for many.

  1. Presidential Quotes To Live By. Quote roundups tend to do well. Don’t forget to make each one tweetable.
  2. 12 Truths About Blank. Since George Washington was known for not telling a lie, use this hook to uncover unusual truths related to your topic.
  3. 5 Great President’s Day Get-Aways On A Budget. Inspire your readers to get out of town.

At a minimum, use these free titles as placeholders to get started writing since some writers can’t start without a headline. The aim isn’t necessarily to use these ideas as is (although that’s perfectly fine!) but rather to get you out of your creative rut and racing for your computer. (BTW, if you need more inspiration,  here are another 125 Free Blog Titles.)

What other titles would you suggest for winter?

Happy Marketing,
Heidi Cohen

P.S. If you use one of these titles, we’d appreciate it if you linked to this article.



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