21 New Year Titles Guaranteed To Pull Readers In

How to Craft Content Marketing For The New Year

The New Year brings fresh beginnings. It’s the perfect foundation for an array of strong headlines for content marketing and blog posts to draw your target audience in. Follow through on your headline’s title with helpful advice to start the year off right.  Take this content one step further and use these posts as the basis for future content.

Use these titles to brainstorm and write start-of-year content and blog posts that are tailored to your audience’s marketing personas. Don’t feel constrained to use them verbatim. Instead generate more targeted content for your audience by adding relevant adjectives.

Here are twenty-one titles guaranteed to jumpstart your 2012 content creation and pull readers in. Substitute appropriate words to your topic or products for the word BLANK. (Not enough choices to get your creative juices flowing? Here’re 125 Blog Titles.)

  1. 12 Must-Read Predictions for BLANK in 2012. What are your company’s forecasts for your category in 2012? How do your firm’s views differ from other forecasts? What makes yours better? Give your audience useful insights and reasons to follow your advice.
  2. 12 BLANK Tips to Start 2012 on Track.  Make this topic your own by incorporating products or themes that relate to your company and/or blog. Facilitate content creation by using each tip as a theme for additional content or post.
  3. 12 Must-Have BLANKs to Start 2012. Help your audience while supporting your business or blog. For example a specialty food shop could have 12 Must-have Cold Weather Recipes to Start 2012 while a health club or trainer could have a 12 Must-Have Exercises to Start Your 2012 Training. This title begs for photographs and/or videos to show readers what to do.
  4. Get 2012 Off With a Bang With BLANK. What do your readers need to get 2012 going? Are there specific products you can integrate into your article? If so, link to the specific product.
  5. 12 Free BLANKs for 2012. Who doesn’t like free? It’s a magnet when used in a headline. What tips can you offer readers or prospects that won’t cost them a dime? This is a useful title for craft and hobby-oriented sites. For example, 12 Free Knitting Patterns to Start 2012 or 12 Free Kid Friendly Dinner Recipes for 2012.
  6. 2012: What’s Hot, What’s Not. What are the major trends for your industry or product category? Regardless of your subject, there are always trends. This is a great headline for showing that your organization has it’s finger on the pulse of what’s happening.
  7. 2012: In With XXX (New Item) Out with YYY (Old Item) What’s changing in your industry in 2012? Make this title your own by linking to your products.
  8. 12 BLANKs to Get Rid of In 2012.  Here’s the other side of what to do in 2012. How is your audience looking to streamline their lives in the New Year. What can they do without and remove? This can be reducing sugar or other negative item that’s related to your product. The goal is to present your content in a positive way.
  9. 12 BLANK Products to Help You Accomplish Your 2012 Goals. This title promotes your products in an understated way. Include photographs related to New Year’s goals that make your offering alluring.
  10.  5 BLANK New Year’s Resolutions You Can Keep More Than One Week. While everyone makes resolutions every year, many get broken within hours or days since they require changing ingrained habits. What can you suggest to readers they can do for more than a couple of weeks. This title sets up a series of posts to support readers with small steps.
  11. 12 Months of BLANK for 2012. Use this title to frame a content series for the full year. It helps to have an outline of your editorial calendar to ensure you’ve incorporated this series into your plan
  12. 2012 BLANK Checklist. What tips can you offer prospects, customers and readers for 2012? For this title, make a downloadable PDF readers can print out and use. What cheat sheet do they need that’s related to your business?
  13. How to Indulge Your Champagne Tastes for BLANK on A Beer Budget.  Since New Year’s brings to mind champagne bubbly, why not play on this image to show how to use your product in a low cost way.
  14. Ring in BLANK for the New Year.  Show your creative side. For example, a home decorator might talk in terms of color. Alternatively, use this title to talk in terms of softer issues.
  15. How to Give Your XXX a Fresh Start. In with the new, out with the old. Everyone is looking to get a new start on something. What’s on your readers’ minds? How does this tie into your product or service?
  16. Jumpstart January With BLANK. What’s on prospects’ and customers’ to do lists in 2012? How can your firm help them reach their goals faster? Is it an exercise regime or learning a new skill?
  17. How to Get Your 2012 BLANK Budget on Track. The start of the year is when readers think about getting finances and budgets in order. Given the weak global economy, it’s a good bet they’ll be thinking about where to trim spending. How can you use this hook to keep your readers engaged? Are there money saving tips you can offer related to your offering?
  18. 5 Tips for Going on a BLANK Diet. Everyone has New Year’s resolutions for a range of different habits. While the best ones involve modifying your behavior, these routines aren’t limited to eating. Depending on your product offering, it can be getting organized, saving money or exercising.
  19. How To Beat The Winter Blues. Once the holidays are over, the winter doldrums set in. Position your products to help your audience. This topic can be adapted to a variety of products. For example, a mommy blog could have a post entitled, 12 Kid-Friendly Ways to Beat The Winter Blues. Alternatively, a clothing store might have 12 Looks to Help You Beat The Winter Blues (Priced Under $50!).
  20. Leap forward with BLANK this Year. 2012 is a leap year so February has 29 days. Is there something related to your product offering that’s special and occurs every four years? BTW, if your product lends itself to dating, plan ahead for Sadie Hawkins Day on February 29th.
  21. Does Your BLANK Look Presidential for 2012? The 2012 presidential campaign is already gaining steam. Is there something about your business or product that’s leadership material?

For content marketers and bloggers, the New Year offers a great opportunity to discuss your products and business. Use these titles to help your prospects and customers prepare for 2012. Incorporate links to your product where appropriate to support your business objectives.

Do you have any ideas for columns to start the New York that would help other content creators and/or bloggers? If so, what are they?

Happy marketing,
Heidi Cohen

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