21 Attention Getting Holiday Blog Titles

How to Write Holiday Blog Posts Without Working Too Hard

Strong headlines are gifts that keep on giving. They grab your readers and pull them into your writing. It doesn’t matter that they really don’t have the time to consume another word especially during this frenetic time.

These titles will help you brainstorm and write your blog posts and other holiday content. They bring some holiday cheer by jumpstarting your content brainstorming.  Even if you don’t use them verbatim, they’re great for getting your mind thinking.

Here are twenty-one blog titles to get your creative juices flowing and hopefully enable you lure in more readers. Where the word BLANK appears, you need to substitute a word that’s relevant to your blog or product offering. Think of these titles as blogging mad-libs.

  1. BLANK Advice From Three Wise Men. What wisdom can you share with your readers? BTW I was surprised to discover that there’s a cocktail called the Three Wise Men!
  2. Reindeer Inspired BLANK. This is a great option for clothing, crafts, recipes or other photogenic products. Think one product or picture per reindeer. Santa’s reindeer are Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid, Donner, Blitzen and Rudolph.
  3. 12 Days of Your Product. Why not put your offering up in lights by giving twelve different products and related content.
  4. Letters to Santa. What do you wish for? While this works for any type of blog, this is a good opportunity to think larger than your product offering.
  5. Is there a BLANK in Santa’s Bag for You? This title implies that you may not have been as good as expected. It begs for a good come back answer.
  6. Have you made your BLANK list and checked it twice? Just like children at the holidays, what type of list do you have for your business?
  7. Whose Been Naughty and Nice on Your List?  Here’s a place to have fun. Make sure that you include your rationale.
  8. Deck the Halls With BLANK. What’s in your office this season? Do you have photos?
  9. Is Your House Ready For Santa? This is a great title for home repair, crafts and cooking blogs. Will Santa Have Trouble Coming Down Your Chimney?
  10. 5 Best Holiday Decorations. Think home decorating. My family still gets a kick out seeing which houses in the neighborhood get the most extravagant lighting treatment. Get your readers to vote on their favorites. Alternatively, crafters can use this title for hand made decorations.
  11. How not to be the BLANK Grinch this holiday. This is a fun spin on Dr. Seuss’ holiday tale.
  12. Last Minute Gift Ideas. Can your firm provide easy-to-purchase one-size-fits-all gifts? If so, then this column’s for you. It’s even better if you can provide related content to enhance the experience.
  13. 5 Fast and Easy to Make Gifts. Who doesn’t have the unexpected visitor for the holidays? What do you give this person when everyone else has gifts to open. This works well for sites and blogs that cover crafts.
  14. How to Avoid Last Minute Holiday Shopping. Give your readers tips on planning ahead. Of course, you can sprinkle in some gift suggestions.
  15. What’s in your stocking? This title can be to describe small gifts or other products. It can be used to discuss the warmth of Christmas and the feelings about others.
  16. Christmas Treats Even Santa Can’t Pass Up. Useful topic for foodie blogs. Include photographs of the food and related recipes.
  17. What to Serve the Diabetic Santa. Depending on your audience, you can modify this title. It can be no-salt, low cholesterol or gluten free.
  18. Holiday Recipes From Grandma. Holidays are important for family traditions. This can also be applied to crafts and holiday items.
  19. How To Maintain Your Sanity During the Holidays. Too much friends and family isn’t always a good thing. Offer your audience ways to remain calm this holiday season.
  20. What to Do When You Can’t Face Another Holiday Party. For the Scrooges among us, give them exercises to reduce the stress. Even the party lovers can OD on holiday cheer. This column works for a wide variety of blogs focused on other activities such as health, exercise and hobbies.
  21. 7 Kid-Friendly Holiday Activities. Holidays means kids are home from school and need something to do so that they’re not glued to the television and their video games. This title works well for local blogs and media entities.

The holidays provide a variety of opportunities to discuss your products and business in a fun or spiritual context. This list of titles helps you to start thinking about potential topics for your holiday columns.

Do you have any ideas for columns that you wish other bloggers or content creators would write? If so, what are they?

Happy marketing,
Heidi Cohen

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