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  1. agus sudrazat
    February 22, 2015

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  2. Media Harga
    January 12, 2015

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  3. Christopher Watkins
    November 27, 2014

    What an absolutely outstanding article, thank you so much for posting. It’s a real pleasure to see such an authoritative voice raising matters of content, personas, adaptivity, etc. in a dialogue about B2B buyers and service providers. We addressed many of the same concerns and questions with our annual buyer’s survey, driven by essentially the same truism that you note at the outset, that buyers are real people, and that’s who you’re pitching to, not a brand. But a person.

    Which is obviously why adaptive theory and the concept of personas is so critical. I’m really energized and elated by the extent to which these types of strategies are continuing to infuse social media and content marketing thinking, and posts like yours here should go a long way in helping both brands and marketers wrap their collective heads against the admittedly daunting adaptive landscape.

    Fortunately, as you make so clear, personas is a point-of-entry that even the most tradition-minded of marketers ought to be able to move through with ease.

    Probably most valuable above all else is your admirably patient and thorough breakdown of the intricacies and intersections native to the B2B sales process; the multiple players and decision makers, the multiple touchpoints and platforms, the degrees of purchasing authority and engagement impacts, and especially, the closer-than-many-would-think relationships that exists between B2C and B2B strategy.

    Paradoxically perhaps, the more rapidly buyers are able to access product and brand information, the more tenacious, thorough, and slow-moving they are when it comes to getting from one end of the funnel to the other. In this regard, the maxim that it’s a buyer’s market means that today’s buyers have the luxury of learning fast and deciding slow, and that’s critical for marketers and service-providing brands to understand.

    Ah, I could go on and on, as you’ve obviously got my wheels spinning. But I should stop, and so I’ll end by saying I really can’t think of anyone I WOULDN’T recommend this post to (except perhaps a competitor!). Really fine work, and a pleasure to both read and share. Thank you!


    Christopher Watkins
    Social Media Manager
    fisher VISTA – HRmarketer

  4. mustafa
    November 25, 2014

    thanks for posting!

  5. Jack Holt
    November 24, 2014

    Great stuff; thanks for posting!

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