You Must Read This: 12 Experts Pick Their Favorite 2011 Blog Posts

What was the best of 2011’s blog posts? It’s a difficult question since, as Lisa Gerber points out, a lot depends on what’s happening at the time and what stands out on a particular subject. Further, take my word for it, writing strong, compelling content on a regular basis is hard work.

Because bloggers craft posts on a regular basis there are a lot of articles from which to choose. To help me, I asked twelve experts for their input. Here are their choices and commentary.

  1. While there are so many great ones to choose from, my favorite has to be the HappyPlace/Someecards collection of best obnoxious responses to misspellings on FacebookDavid Berkowitz – 360i
, @DBerkowitz

  2. I think (Facebook COO) Sheryl Sandberg’s women’s leadership efforts are awesome. This is Sheryl Sandberg’s God Daughter but is shows how even a teenager can make a video blog post that is influential on an issue. LisaBuyer – CEO, The Buyer Group, @LisaBuyer 
  3. Just one? I would say the one I was most proud of was Tommy Walker‘s guest post on Chris Brogan’s blog because that was such a great accomplishment (and such a great post!) Margie Clayman – Clayman Advertising, Inc., @margieclayman
  4. My favorite blog post of 2011 was Margie Clayman’s 100 Favorite Blog Posts of 2011. While you could argue that it’s a cheat since it’s really 100 posts in one. The bottom line is that trained in library sciences, Margie’s an avid readers and a great curator. Even if you don’t read all 100 posts, the list is a great place to get a sampling of the best of 2011. As for the posts on my blog, I was particularly struck by the reception two of them received. One was a roundup on the definition of PR. Since the term PR kept getting bandied about, I surveyed a group of marketing and public relations professionals. The consistency was the divergence in responses. The other was a tribute to Trey Pennington who took his life in early September. Despite being a generous member of the social media community, Trey was unable to share his personal pain. If he had known about a fraction of the outpouring over his death, maybe we could have saved him. Heidi Cohen – Riverside Marketing Strategies, @HeidiCohen
  5. A member of our social media team passed along a link to Mashable’s Social CEO series, and I found the Q&A with the CEO Phil Libin really intriguing. He pointed out at the very end of the article how easy it is for consumers to “smell inauthenticity in much less than 140 characters.” I think that is an often-overlooked concept with social media and one that marketers are starting to hone in on. Jere Doyle – Prospectiv, @JereDoyle
  6. My favorite blog post of 2011 was The Art of Writing a Blogger Email PitchSally Falkow
  7. That’s like asking me my favorite restaurant. The answer is, it depends on my mood. I’ve thought long and hard on this. I really wanted to pick one post, and I can’t. Lisa Gerber – Arment Dietrich, Inc., @LisaGerber
  8. My favorite blog post to write was A Twitter Nation of Thought Leaders and my favorite blog post to read was 17 Ways to Grow Your Blog, From Top Bloggers Dave Kerpen – Likeable Media and author of NY Times bestseller, Likeable Social Media, @davekerpen
  9. The most amazing thing in the world of blogging for 2011 wasn’t a blog post but the amazing transformation of Japanese teen fashion blogger Kyary Pamyu Pamyu from being a mere blogger into an international media phenomena. With one amazing viral music video she went from being someone covering fashion trends to out doing Lady Gaga overnight. Michael Pinto – Very Memorable, Inc. @MichaelPinto
  10. My favorite log post of 2011 was The Cat in the Hat Teaches SEO by Michael King. Angie Schottmuller, @ASchottmuller
  11. My favorite blog post of 2011 is any pundit trying to make absolute predictions in an unpredictable world. (Highly entertaining)  Dr. William J. Ward – S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications- Syracuse University @DR4WARD
  12. It’s almost impossible for me to choose only one of the thousands of blogs I’ve read and RTd through the last year, but the 50 New Rules of Work by Robin Sharma is absolutely one of my faves. We business leaders are constantly challenged with motivating and inspiring new and current clients, teammates and industry peers; and Sharma’s 50 New Rules form a basic guide for successful leadership skills and practice, now and in the future. My other fave blog, is my own, a case study documenting the White Cashmere Collection, a uniquely integrated PR meets Social and IRL program designed to differentiate and elevate a less than glamorous commodity, bathroom tissue, by firmly linking it to #fashion, #socialgood and a powerful brand community of Canadian women. The eight year program, which launched Cashmere in 2004, has contributed to the brand’s position as Canada’s best-selling BT. Deborah Weinstein – Strategic Objectives, @DebWeinstein 

Regardless of your field of interest, there’s a gold mine of amazing content published on blogs every day. What’s important is reading as must as you can across the topics of interest to you for your business, other interests and life in general to see how people are communicating what’s important on a timely basis. From a marketing perspective, it’s important to consider what’s critical to your prospects and customers to help them with their daily needs.

Do you have other favorite columns that you think should be on this list? If so, please include them in the comment section below.

Happy marketing,
Heidi Cohen

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