11 Fundamental Skills Your Content Creation Team Needs

Help! Who Will Create Our Social Media Content?

Great content is at the heart of a strong social media marketing program. Content marketing can be a significant element of social media expense.

As a result, having sufficient resources, in terms of budget and headcount, to continually create fresh new content can be a challenge.

Strong social media content requires more than just recycling your advertising and marketing communications (aka MarCom). To produce the necessary content, assess the skills needed for robust content creation. You may discover you need new employees, consultants, freelancers, and/or agencies to meet your content creation needs.

What resources do you need for social media content creation?

  1. Writer(s). These professionals create short content like articles and blog posts as well as other longer content formats like white papers and e-books. Alternatively, integrate content creation into a wide range of staff positions to broaden the perspectives represented. By doing this you can share the workload more broadly.
  2. Researcher. To support content production, a researcher gathers relevant information as background that can be linked to or used (with permission of course!) in the piece. Additionally, this person can source articles and information for sharing on various social media platforms.
  3. Area experts. Get your organization’s internal thought leaders involved in your content creation. Before you object they don’t like to write, figure out other ways to get them to create content like video and audio.
  4. Editor. Like a traditional media editor, this person is responsible for setting content strategy and integrating this information into an editorial calendar. Depending on the size of your organization and your budget, this position may be part of a related function such as marketing or marcom. (BTW, here’s how to create a shorter version of your editorial calendar.)
  5. Media pro specializing in photography, video and/or audio. With social media’s expansion beyond plain text, you must add other content formats to your mix. This often requires specialized resources.
  6. Graphic artist. Depending on the type of content mix, design resources are useful to develop PowerPoint presentations or creating infographics.
  7. Search optimization expert. One of the strengths of using content marketing is to support search optimization through a variety of tactics such as optimizing each piece of content for a keyword phrases, including links and adding text to non-text content formats. (Here are fifteen search optimization tips.)
  8. Copy editor. This position is different from an overall editor who manages the editorial calendar. This function is a must have on any content team. This person proofs your content to ensure it makes sense, has no typos, and uses good grammar. If your content is poorly written, it leaves readers thinking poorly of your brand and it hinders traffic. Additionally, if you’re sourcing content from your staff, copyediting removes the fear of poor writing.
  9. Social media team. As your front line representative, your social media manager must be able to write as well as communicate on video and audio. This person should create a social media editorial calendar. These communications must be done in real time across social media platforms. Remember comments and engagement on social media are content.
  10.  Technology support. Given the technical underpinnings of many social media options, have a tech resource available to facilitate content creation and implementation. (Despite the ease of using WordPress, I rely on my webmaster.) Within an organization you can utilize existing technology resources.
  11. Producer. Like any other complex process, it’s useful to have someone responsible for tracking each piece of content through the creation and publication process.

When putting together a content marketing creation team, think across your organization. Examine the resources available and bring together a cross section of resources. Also, don’t underestimate the value of freelance and/or consulting support.

What other skills would you add to this list and why?

Happy marketing,
Heidi Cohen

Hat tip to my DMA Post Conference Social Media students for inspiring this post.

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One Response to 11 Fundamental Skills Your Content Creation Team Needs

  1. This is a great post Heidi 🙂 As much as we’d all like to do everything on our own, it really helps to have at least a few people on the team with different skill sets mentioned above. As the business grows, more people can be added. But if it is a solo business or blog, what would you recommend to start with? Which of the above positions are the most crucial when looking to expand?


    Jeff Friend