13 Actionable Conference Content Marketing Tips

How To Create Amazing Conference Content

Joe Pulizzi - Conference Content Marketing Tips

Conferences are ripe for content creation…if you follow these actionable conference content marketing tips.

Content Marketing World is the biggest content marketing event in the world.

Presenters, sponsors and attendees take advantage of the conference to create amazing content.

Don’t assume the only people worth talking to are those speaking at the front of the room!

At an event like Content Marketing World the people who attend are as important as the presenters.

13 Actionable conference content marketing tips

Here are 13 actionable conference content marketing tips you can easily put into practice.

  1. Plan your schedule. Do your homework before you leave home. While it’s nice to have room in your schedule to grab a coffee or refreshing beverage, have a plan of action since the combination of travel and non-stop events can cause you to miss presentations or people you wanted to see.
  2. Take notes. This may sound like something your fifth grade teacher taught you but it serves two purposes. By writing down the key ideas, it helps you remember the information and assimilate it. Also, it can provide the basis for future content inspiration.
  3. Share useful tidbits via Twitter. This recommendation depends on being able to get connectivity at a conference; that doesn’t always work very well, especially if you’re in a location like the Javitis Center in New York City.
  4. Live-blog presentations. This means recording the session almost verbatim to provide input for your readers. Live blogging is an art form. Lee Odden is an expert at live blogging.
  5. Blog about the topics presented. Highlight the points made by a specific speaker and attribute the points to him/her. By contrast with live-blogging, this is more like reporting or presenting a summary of the talk. To make the article your own, add your own commentary on the topic.
  6. Interview speakers. If you’ve got an established audience that’s attractive to a presenter, then try reaching out through their blog, website or social media before the event or on-site. Last year, Ireland-based Ian Cleary took a short video of me that he used for a RazorSocial blog post later.
  7. Make connections with influencers. Use this in real life experience to introduce yourself to important folks in your area.
  8. Connect with other attendees. You never know who is sitting next to you and what you can learn from that person, especially if you’re at a show like Content Marketing World.
  9. Meet authors. Authors are always looking for ways to increase sales and visibility. If their books are on sale, get a copy and ask them to sign it. In addition to learning more about the topic, you can interview the author for a blog post and/or give away the book to one of your readers.
  10. Test the new products available in the exhibit hall. You can capture this information as an interview with company representatives, photographs, and/or reviews.
  11. Take photographs of behind the scenes activity. Share these images on the event sites as well as via your favorite social media entities.
  12. Curate the best conference tweets. Share the best of the tips you’ve learned or viewed on Twitter or in a post. Go beyond just re-posting the information. Enhance it with your own commentary and of course, don’t forget to attribute it to the appropriate sources.
  13. Follow up with people you’ve met. Building relationships that support your content creation efforts takes time. You don’t want to be seen as someone who just wants the quick hit. Skip the one-size-fits-all email. Let the recipient know why the connection was important to you. If you published something they inspired or have a photograph or video of them, send them a copy.

Go on.

Create some actionable conference content marketing.

Be one of the cool kids.

The actionable conference content marketing tip bottom line:

To create amazing conference content marketing, plan your event agenda.

Bring the tools you’ll need to capture the content on-site.

Not sure what to do?

At a minimum, snap photos and share them on various social media platforms.

All you need is a camera and business cards.

You can implement this actionable conference content marketing on the fly.

What’s holding you back?

What other tips would you add to this list of conference content creation and why?

Happy Marketing,
Heidi Cohen

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