10 MUST READ Digital Marketing News Sources

Daily Dose of Digital Marketing Reading

Trying to navigate your way through the ever-increasing number of digital marketing, social media and mobile information sources can be challenging. Often clients and students ask me for a list of recommended must read digital marketing dailies.

Given the pressure on marketers to stay abreast of the newest trends combined with limited time to consume lots of content, it’s useful to snack on an array of broad-based marketing publications. Here’s my top ten reading list to help you cover the digital waterfront.

  1. ClickZ. Covers the range of digital marketing under the watchful eye of Anna Maria Virzi. It’s sister firm, Search Engine Watch, is the granddaddy of search reporting. (Disclaimer: I’ve been a columnist here for 6 ½ years. Check out my Actionable Analysis columns.)
  2. MediaPost. One of the major purveyors of digital marketing coverage. It has a variety of different offerings.
  3. iMedia. Another digital marketing media entity. Has lots of columnists.
  4. eConsultancy. Is focused on digital and direct marketing. Its blog provides wonderful and refreshing insights. It’s the home of Rebecca Lieb, my former ClickZ editor.
  5. MarketingProfs. Headed by Ann Handley is another useful source of marketing advice by a variety of writers who are marketers first.
  6. MarketingSherpa. Is a research and media company started by the very smart Ann Holland, that provides wonderful insights through the use of in-depth case studies. These editors pull back the curtain on what marketers actually did. For those in the job market or looking to hire, it’s got a free weekly newsletter.
  7. MarketingVox. Puts out a daily newsletter of top digital marketing news items. It’s part of a family that includes Marketing Charts and Media Buyer Planner Daily.
  8. AdAge. It’s the traditional Mad Men’s bible now in digital form. It has print, email and web versions.
  9. AdWeek. Is another classic (read old media) of marketing coverage. Follow Brian Morrissey who really knows his marketing stuff.
  10. Direct Marketing News. Is the reincarnated version of DM News and provides a range of digital coverage. Its print version is now monthly.

In addition to these media entities focused on digital marketing, I suggest including some of the newsletters highlighted in my Digital Data Demons list. These sources provide data that showing the trends in the digital marketing landscape.  At a minimum, I suggest reading eMarketer’s daily email newsletter. It’s chock full of useful data.

If you have any suggestions for other readings that should be included in this list, please add them in the comments section below.

Happy marketing,
Heidi Cohen

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