Proven Marketing Tactics From Dad To Make You Improve Results from Ordinary to Extraordinary

What proven marketing tactics from dad did you learn? 

Before you answer:
I realize that your relationship with your father may have been less than perfect.

Believe me, I get it!

At points in my life I had rocky relationships with my dad.

But I know how lucky I am:
Because my dad and I lived long enough to work out our differences. Continue reading

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Small Business Pivot: What You Need To Do To Survive Now

Small Business Pivot: What You Need To Do To Survive NowTo succeed during challenging economic times:
Make a small businesses pivot to meet changing customer needs.

If you own a small business:
You need to keep the lights on and the money coming in.

When most of your local customers are either sheltering-in-place or working at essential jobs, they’re not thinking about shopping. Continue reading

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Marketing Career Advice: Women Tell You How To Triumph

Marketing Career Advice WomenWelcome to your amazing marketing career!

As marketers, we face exciting new opportunities.

Despite challenges from:

  • COVID-19,
  • Eroding trust, and
  • Increased privacy concerns.

With evolving AI driven technologies and improved data, we can create better customer experiences across channels and devices. Continue reading

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Social Media Lessons From Mom: How To Improve Your Marketing

social media lessons from momAt its core social media is about connecting and interacting with people.

Specifically they are people you consider important and want to spend time with.

They include:

  • Family and friends,
  • People you share interests and hobbies with,
  • People you met and/or knew in the past.

Continue reading

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Marketing During Uncertainty: What Strategies You Need to Make Your Business Succeed

Marketing During UncertaintyHow do you market during uncertainty to keep your business going?

When your business faces unpredictable health and economic challenges how do you do handle:

  • Lost revenue, longer sales cycles, and delayed payments,
  • Reduced budgets including employee layoffs, and
  • Less resource and supply chain availability and/or obstacles.

But don’t worry-you’ve got this!

Because major corporations, competitors and substitute offerings face the same problems. Continue reading

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Spring Cleaning Your Digital Life: What You Need To Do Now

Spring Cleaning Your Digital LifeDoes your digital life need a spring cleaning?

Have your computer and other devices accumulated the digital equivalent of dust?

Do these out-of-date files can reduce your efficiency?

And if that’s not enough, COVID-19 and working-from-home (aka:WFH) offer more reasons to clean up, purge and organize your digital life.

Continue reading

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The Catalyst – Book Interview

Heidi Cohen Interviews Jonah Berger

New book: The Catalyst: How to Change Anyone’s Mind

The Catalyst

Q: What’s your best piece of advice for readers looking to improve their marketing?

A: To be a successful marketer, you have to understand social influence.

People don’t make their own choices. They make choices based on what the people around them are doing.

So to succeed you have to understand how influence works.

Continue reading

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