10 Dad-Tested Content Marketing Secrets To Make Your Results Better Copy

dad-tested content marketing secretsWhat content marketing secrets did your father teach you?

Okay–I admit content marketing runs in my family.

But I bet that your dad taught you a thing or two about content marketing! 

And this holds true even if your relationship with him was less than stellar.

My dad was a big New York City publisher.

Before you think New York Times or Daily News, let me clarify:
My dad—not the media entity—was physically big. Continue reading

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Voice Marketing Business Case: What You Need To Know That Will Make Your Management Agree

Voice Marketing Business CaseAre you waiting to make the Voice Marketing Business Case to your management team?

Did you realize that your organization may already use voice functionality?

Since most businesses use at least one of the following forms of voice marketing:

  • IVR or automated functionality to direct incoming calls.
  • Chatbots including the use of text-to-speech (aka: TTS) or speech-to-text (aka:STT)
  • Voice or audio content including podcasts, videos, and/or voice options such as Alexa Briefings and/or Skills or Google Actions.

Still not convinced?

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100+ Free Blog Post Title Ideas To Inspire Not Tax You

Use these 100+ free blog post title ideas to avoid taxing your inspiration.

Even the best writer can lack blog post inspiration.

Unfortunately, when you’re focused mentally and emotionally, your brain is too taxed to be creative.

Fortunately, tax season only comes once a year—unless you’re an accountant like my dad.

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Voice Marketing: The How To Guide You Need To Be Competitive

Voice Marketing: The How To Guide You Need To Be CompetitiveIs voice marketing part of your mix?

Does your brand answer when a visitor or customer asks a question via Alexa, Google or Siri?

Or, when they use a chatbot or 800 number to get information or help?

While these people may not be the individuals you thought to target, they actively seek information, data and/or content from your business to meet a specific need they have now.
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Velvet Rope Marketing Strategy: How Can You Make People Actually Lust To Join

Velvet Rope Marketing StrategyIs a velvet rope marketing strategy part of your offering?

Wonder if your plans are missing something?

A red velvet rope approach arouses an intangible, emotional customer sense of desire. It translates to “I want to do or have” mindset. So the rational buyer’s cost-benefit analysis goes out of the window.

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Ignore Blogging Blarney: How To Get Awesome Blog Results

Blogging BlarneyForget the once dependable blogging blarney when content saturation sets in!

At this point the luck of the Irish won’t help your blog.

Although my Irish colleagues RazorSocial’s Ian Cleary and AgoraPulse’s Jenny Brennan may disagree.

So stop believing these 17 pieces of blogging blarney! Continue reading

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Women In Marketing: How To Succeed

Women In MarketingDo women in marketing want to succeed?

YES… But…
Inequality based on race, sexual orientation, and other factors stop them!

So let’s work together to help ourselves and other women to succeed. Continue reading

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