10 Dad-Tested Content Marketing Secrets To Make You Better

dad-tested content marketing secretsWhat content marketing secrets did your father teach you?

Okay–I admit that content marketing runs in my family.

But I bet that your dad taught you a thing or two about content marketing! 

My dad was a big New York City publisher.

Before you think New York Times or Daily News, let me clarify:
My dad—not the media entity—was physically big. Continue reading

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How To Build Your Network: The One Easy Thing You Need To Do

How To Build Your NetworkWant to know how to build your network?

No need to be shy with me.

Because while you may not know it, I’m an introvert!

So I’m not going to let you use that excuse.
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Social Media Strategy Holes: How Many Do You Have?

Social Media Strategy HolesIs your social media strategy like a doughnut?

To celebrate National Doughnut Day, let’s see why:

Both fill you up, one with information and one with food.

Both often have holes! Continue reading

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Influencer Marketing ROI: How To Make Your Results Really Improve

Do you get measurable Influencer Marketing ROI for your programs?

Don’t worry–we can keep this lack of c-suite-worthy results between us.

Even better–you’re not alone.

Because 4 out of 5 businesses that use influencer marketing can’t prove ROI!   Continue reading

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How To Make A Successful Business Case For Marketing AI

Marketing AI Business CaseIs your business falling behind in the Marketing AI race?

Think this sounds like military jargon?

You’d be right because lots of marketing terminology comes from classics on war including:

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Can Social Media Build Real Life Relationship That Will Make You Happy?

Wonder how social media builds real life relationships?

Instead of lurking, participate on social media.

Even better, unlike school, you don’t need to raise your hand before you contribute.

At its core,
social media is about human conversations. Continue reading

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Connected Content: How To Make Your Marketing Results Better

Connected ContentWant your content marketing to yield measurable results?

Of course you do!

Who doesn’t?

But did you know that after finishing your content: Even the most engaged and persistent visitors face a marketing dead end?

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Marketing AI: What You Need To Know To Make Your Marketing Better

Marketing AI DefinitionCan you define Marketing AI?

Or, do you think Marketing AI is just another overhyped, technology buzzword?

The AI Reality:
You already use artificial intelligence everyday without realizing it!

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