Small Business: Are You Using Social Media Photographs?

Small Business Social Media Photograph-1

Does your small business lack marketing resources? Here are 10 tips to use small business social media photographs to extend your reach and sales.

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Social Media Marketing 2014: Where Your Audience Is

Social Media Audience 2014

Planning your social media marketing 2014? Examine this Pew Internet Research with charts. Includes5 actionable social media marketing tips for 2014.

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2013 Marketing Highlights: Social Media, Content & Mobile

Social Media, Content Marketing and Mobile

The 2013 highlights based on social media, content marketing, and mobile defined by 7 key marketing events that are the basis for context marketing in 2014.

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How to Craft The Most Retweetable Tweets

retweetable tweets-twitter tips

Want to extend your Twitter reach? Use these 15 Twitter tips to extend your retweets without any extra work. Reach by Track Maven & charts included.

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The Power of Twitter: 3 Business Tips

Twitter Business Tips

After its IPO, can Twitter still enhance your business cost effectively? Here are 3 Twitter business tips to support your business & achieve your goals.

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How Reliable Is Twitter? [Research]

Is Twitter Reliable-HeidiCohen

Is the information you tweet reliable? If you’ve got an established following, here are 5 actionable Twitter tips to ensure your tweets aren’t fake.

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16 Ridiculously Easy Ways To Increase Retweets

Expand Twitter Reach

Do you want to increase retweets for your Twitter content? Here are 16 ridiculously easy ways to expand your Twitter reach.

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How Marketers Use Twitter


Want to reach marketing decision makers on Twitter? Then check out Leadtail and NetBase’s analysis “How Digital Marketers Engage on Twitter” based on the Twitter activity of 515 North American brand, corporate, and agency digital marketers between between April 1st and June 30th, 2013. Here’s a analysis of their findings.

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Social Media Buying: Where Are Your Customers?

Social Shopping Girls

To increase your social media marketing effectiveness, here are 6 charts containing social media buying research. This research data provides a breakout across Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

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Social Media Marketing Fortune 500 Style

Geek Fairy | Free coloured round social media icons

Social media marketing use by Fortune 500 continues to increase and diversify. Here are seven findings based on research by the University of Massachusetts/Dartmouth and seven actionable social media marketing tips. Charts included. Source: Heidi Cohen’s Actionable Marketing Blog

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