Is Your Global Brand Lost In Translation?

Juan Valdez Coffee-Heidi Cohen

How consistent is your global brand? Is it  lost in translation to local markets? 2 coffee examples (Starbucks & Juan Valdez) are examined with photos.

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Why Brands Matter (And Size Doesn’t) [Research]

Place your brand here-7 brand attribute

Branding isn’t only for major consumer-oriented products (aka CPG products). Business-oriented products (aka B2B), services, not-for-products and solopreneurs also have brands that augment the value of their organizations over the long term. Here are seven brand attributes and Actionable Marketing Tips. Source: Heidi Cohen’s Actionable Marketing Blog

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What Ice Cream Sundaes and Starbucks’ Via Have in Common

What do ice cream sundaes and Starbucks’ Via coffee have in common? With a title like that, you need to read on to find out.  Hint: This column covers 5 areas to examine to extend your product offering.

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