Social Media Guidelines

How to Create Social Media Guidelines

With expanded use of social media, it’s surprising, after three years, that only half of organizations adopt social media guidelines. Why is this important? Because having a set of social media guidelines is evidence that a company understands how communications have evolved. Here are 5 social media guidelines that every firm can use and 5 steps to create a set of social media guidelines for your firm.

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Is Social Media a Snow Job?

Is the hype about social media just another snow job? Or does social media really help achieve corporate and marketing goals?

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To Tweet or Not To Tweet

Before you jump on the Twitter bandwagon, realize that three tweets a day won’t cut it as a Twitter marketing strategy. A strong Twitter strategy requires on-going engagement and related human and financial resources to support your efforts and drive profitable results. Here are 10 Twitter tips that every company should consider.

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7 Social Media Trends for 2011

2010 was a tipping point for social media. In 2011, social media will continue to evolve. Here are seven predictions for how social media will change in the coming year.

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5 Key Indicators of Social Media Adoption [Chart Included]

As companies get more sophisticated in their use of social media, there are 5 major factors that show their progress based on SmartBrief Inc. and Summus Limited’s 2010 State of Social Media For Business’recent research. (Chart included)

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3 Top 2010 Social Media #Fail

The #Fail term on Twitter is a popular way to note a problem with something. Social media marketing can go from positive to negative in a heartbeat. Here are the top three social media fails in 2010.

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Get Human Resources Involved in Social Media Marketing

HR’s involvement in a firm’s social media activities increases over time. Here’s a 10 point social media checklist for your human resources department. (Data included!)

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17 Social Media Guidelines Every Company Needs

Does your firm have social media guidelines outlining acceptable behavior on various social media platforms? Do you think that they’re not necessary because you don’t engage in social media marketing? Think again because your employees are active across the social media landscape and may be representing your company without realizing it. Here are 17 social media guidelines to help you develop a set tailored to your organization’s needs.

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