David Ogilvy – Father of Content Marketing [Quotes]

David Oglivy, one of the real life Mad Men, is the father of content marketing. He understood how information, transparency and speaking your customers’ language come together to persuade prospects to buy while building your brand. These elements are at the heart of content marketing as it’s practiced in today’s social media world.  Here are five David Ogilvy quotes that illustrate core principles of content marketing.

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7 Social Media Lessons From Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol [Quotes]

Charles Dickens offered seven social media lessons in his holiday tale, A Christmas Carol long before the Internet was invented. Before your inner Scrooge tweets “Humbug!” examine these seven quotes with their related social media tips and see what you think.

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How Not To Be The Social Media Grinch This Holiday

Dr. Seuss’ rhyming wisdom provides social media lessons for all of us. During the holidays, who among us hasn’t wondered as the Grinch did, “Christmas doesn’t come from a store, maybe Christmas perhaps means a little bit more….”

Across the Seuss oeuvre, here are seven of the most appropriate social media lessons for the holidays, a time when we’re surrounded with family and friends. Of course, in true Dr. Seuss fashion, his quotes are worth listening to all year round, regardless of age.

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Seth Godin: 7 Truths At The Heart of Marketing (& How to Use Them)

Seth Godin‘s a prolific writer and blogger but don’t read his work unless you’re prepared to change how you think about and implement your marketing. While Seth’s thinking isn’t always original, he’s a great storyteller who juxtaposes ideas and packages them in unexpected context to give them the attention they deserve. Here are seven Seth Godin quotes at the core of marketing with advice on how to integrate them into your marketing.

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Mad Man Don Draper’s Social Media Insights

Don Draper’s words still resonate today because, while the Mad Men lived in an earlier less complex marketing world, the marketing issues they confronted remain the same. The difference is that our social media infused landscape provides more communications platforms and requires a greater level of transparency and engagement. Here are five Don Draper’s quotes that sound like he was talking about social media.

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7 Social Media Marketing Tips from the Dead

In honor of the Day of the Dead, here are quotes from seven famous marketers and businessmen that still resonate today. To show respect for the timeless nature of their work, here’s how these sayings still hold true for social media marketing.

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Leo Burnett: 12 Advertising Tips That Are Still Relevant Today

Leo Burnett (October 21, 1891 – June 7, 1971)  creator of legendary advertising icons such as the Jolly Green Giant, the Marlboro Man, Tony the Tiger, Morris the Cat, and the Pillsbury Dough Boy, provides lessons for marketers and advertisers alike that are still relevant in today’s world of digital devices and social media. Included are twelve quotes.

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Harry Potter Works Social Media Marketing Magic

Since June 1997, Harry Potter’s held us under his spell as he’s battled the evil Lord Voldemort. Similarly, marketers must battle muggles in the form of business executives who believe that social media has taken marketing to the dark side. These business-minded muggles can’t comprehend that consumers don’t trust their advertising. Unlike Harry Potter, the public doesn’t need to visit Hogwarts since they’ve been given wizardly powers in the form of various social media platforms.

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