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Content Marketing Without Being Pushy

Content Marketing Without Being Pushy

Is your content too promotional? Here’s how to create content marketing without being pushy. Includes 5 tips to support content marketing sales conversion

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10 Content Marketing Secrets

content marketing secret

Need content marketing inspiration? Here are 10 content marketing secrets to help you fill your editorial calendar. Examples & tips included.

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5 Basic Content Types Customers Need

5 basic content types

The 5 Basic Content Types are explained with actionable marketing tips. Examples and graphics are provided.

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Does Your Blog Earn $30,000+ Per Month?

Blog Affiliate Marketing

Want to increase the revenues from your blog? Then see how Pat Flynn of Smart Passive Income earns $20,000+ per month. Plus 5  Blog Affiliate marketing tips

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How One Blog Post Generated $2 Million Sales

Author of Blog Post That Generated 2 million dollars in sales

Want to increase sales and leads with blog posts? Read the explanation of how this blog post generated $2 million in sales. The steps are explained.

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Blogging: Make 2014 Your Breakthrough Year

Can Your Blog Break Through

Want to make 2014 the breakthrough year for your blog? Here are 3 keys to blog success in 2014.

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30 Blogging Tactics to Stay Motivated [Research]


Do you have the motivation to keep blogging for the long term? Here are 30 blogging tactics based on research to help keep your blogging willpower going.

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7 Easy Steps to Make Your Blog A Super Sales Engine


Is your blog a sales engine drive new leads & revenues? If not, here’s how to make your blog a sales engine in 7 steps. (examples included)

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7 Ways to Do Right By Your Customers on Social Media


Social media provides consumers with a variety of multi-directional, easy-to-access platforms to let brands and companies know how they feel. As a result, marketers can no longer hound prospects and customers with their one-way promotional messages. In honor of the anniversary of Elvis Presley’s passing, take some time to understand how to do right by your customers on social media.

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5 Ways To Get Readers To Give A Damn About Your Blog

How to show you care

The dirty little secret of blogging is that your prospects and readers don’t give a damn about your blog. They care about their needs, getting answers their questions quickly and easily, and being entertained. As long as your blog does this, they’ll keep reading it. Here are five ways to make your readers care about your blog.

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