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Guest Blogging Is Dead—Long Live Guest Blogging

Should you keep guest blogging? If you only wanted search optimization, then no. Otherwise, continue to provide strong content for other websites.

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How to Never Run Out of Blog Content Ideas

Running on Empty

Do you have trouble creating rich, valuable blog content? Here are 13 places to seek blog content ideas to avoid running on empty when you create content.

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17 Tips To Distribute Your Blog Content To More People

Build your blog audience with fans

If you’re like most bloggers, you’re always looking for new ways to expand your blog readership. I know I am.  Think beyond your blog. Try new methods of attracting new readers that you haven’t tried before. Your goal is to make your blog popular. Here are seventeen tips to help you get started. Source – Heidi Cohen’s Actionable Marketing Blog

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31 Ways to Make Your Blog Stand Out

Do you want your blog to stand out from the pack? Getting your blog or other content marketing noticed requires three distinct elements: developing great content, promoting your blog or content and making your blog sharable. This holds true for B2C, B2B, not-for-profit and personal blogs. Here are 31 ways to increase your blog (or content marketing for that matter) visibility.

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21 Tips to Get Your Blog Noticed Now

Is your blog off the map? Just as Columbus set out to discover a new route to the East Indies, you need to get your blog discovered amidst a sea of other blogs and content options. While Columbus had royal backing, unless you’ve got a kickass hook and/or break through branding, you’ve got to get out there and give people a reason to read your content. Here are twenty-one ways to help get your blog discovered. Some of them require more effort than others.

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12 Blog Shortcuts Every Blogger Should Try

What blogger doesn’t need a few blog shortcuts to help shave some time off of their blogging? Remember when you were young and tried figuring out how to take the least amount of time to do something? May be it was cutting through a neighbor’s yard on the way to school or doing boring cores around the house. Here are twelve blog shortcuts that take into account that occasionally you may need to trick yourself into doing the work.

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Does Your Blog Have Guests With Benefits?

As you prepare for the long July 4th weekend away that’s often filled with guests, it’s a good time to focus on guest blogging. Just as beach and weekend homeowners get guest requests, so do popular blogs. The reason is simple: location, location, location!

Whether it’s a vacation home or a popular blog, it’s where everyone wants to be and be seen.While it’s great to have people visit, you don’t want to feel like your vacation home is a hotel where you’re the maid. The same applies to guest writers on your blog. To this end, create a set of guidelines posted on your blog to set parameters for guest authors based on your blog topic, brand and goals.

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Guest Blogging: Don’t Forget What Mom Taught You

Your mother taught you to be a good guest by minding your manners and being on your best behavior. The same wisdom applies to guest blogging where you write for another blog whose audience has similar demographics, interests and behavior to the one you’re seeking. As a special visitor, make a good impression so readers will want more of your content and the blogger will invite you back. Here are 5 guest blogging goals and 7 guest blogging tips to help you grow your blog.


5 Ways to Increase Your Blog Reach

Are you looking to expand your blog’s audience? Here are five ways that you can leverage other bloggers’ audiences to build your audience. While this method, requires creating content for other bloggers, it can reap benefits in terms of building your audience.

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