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What I Did on My Summer Vacation (& 98 Other Free Titles)


Who doesn’t remember painfully looking at the blank blue-ruled notebook page, sharpened pencil in hand, waiting for words to magically appear the first day back at school? Now that summer’s in full swing, do you feel the same way when you look at your blank computer screen? Even worse do you get a nagging feeling that you’d be having more fun outside by the pool, on the golf course, or at your neighbor’s barbeque?

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Don’t Tax Yourself – 99 Free Blog Titles


Many bloggers and writers experience writer’s block (or Blank-Post-Syndrome as I call it) at some time when, no matter what you do, you can’t get enough words onto your computer screen to form one meager sentence. You need to plan ahead to ensure that you always have writing inspiration. In honor of US Tax Day, here are 99 free blog titles that won’t tax your brain, especially after doing all of those calculations!

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