Free Research: 8 Resources Every Marketer Needs

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Face it—Gut feel no longer cuts it for marketing decisions. While your organization may be great at doing on-going testing to determine what works best for your products and marketing, it helps to have solid data based on quality research as a benchmark. Here are eight of my favorite, free research resources I’d be lost without. (Translation: Useful data!)

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[INFOGRAPHIC] Social Media: How to Make the Business Case

US Social Media Marketing 2012

Roughly nine out of ten US businesses with at least 100 employees are using social media for marketing objectives in 2012, according to eMarketer, and many plan to increase their social media spend for the coming year. Here’s a social media cost benefit analysis explained with an Infographic from Heidi Cohen’s Actionable Marketing Blog.

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Social Media: Who Will Win the Battle for Mobile [Research]

Social Media Who Will Win the Battle For Mobile - HeidiCohen.com

As the always-on, always in reach, real-time communications and media device, it’s no surprise that two-thirds of social media activities start on a smartphone, according to Google, Ipsos and Sterling Brand research. For marketers, it’s not only a matter of how you get your message through, but also how you get your content consumed, distributed and shared across mobile social media venues.

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Social Media: The One Thing 70% of Brands Do Wrong [Research]


On social media platforms, people expect businesses to acknowledge and respect them as human beings. Unfortunately, most brands just use social media to spray their promotional messages instead of connecting with their prospects, customers and the public.

Businesses must treat followers like people because social media is person-to-person. Here’s new research showing how companies respond to customers and the public on social media plus 5 Social media tactics businesses need to respond to prospects and customers.

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[INFOGRAPHIC] How We Consume Content Now (& What It Means For Your Marketing)

How we consume content marketing - info snacking

[INFOGRAPHIC] Do you know how we consume content now? There are 4 major options that enable us to gather more information.

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Social Media: Do You Know Where Your Target Audience Is?

Where is your target audience?

As a marketer, do you know whether your target market is active on social media platforms? If so, do you know which social media entities your customers frequent most often?

The proliferation of social media sites and increased social media usage means there’s a good chance that your gut feel about your audience’s social media preferences may not be correct. Are you willing to bet your budget on it, especially when about nine out of ten marketers uses social media to achieve marketing results according to eMarketer? Here’s research and analysis with charts to help you. Source: Heidi Cohen’s Actionable Marketing Blog

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Smartphones & Tablets: How We Shop Now [Research]

How we shop now

With  115.8 million US smartphone owners and 54.8 million US tablet owners estimated by eMarketer in 2012, how we shop is changing. Using multiple devices, particularly smartphones and tablets, at different steps of the purchase process is an emerging trend.

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11 Tips to Get Your Content Marketing on Track [Research]

Top of your list

Content marketing, regardless of what marketers call it, is the most popular digital marketing strategy according to Chief Marketer’s March 2012 online survey of US marketers. Closer examination of the Chief Marketer research as reported by eMarketer shows email, social media and search are at the top of the list for mainstream marketers with a third using video.  Further, marketers’ focus on content is strongly correlated with supporting sales, optimizing their owned content for search and helping social media.  Regardless of what type of content marketing you’re using now or plan to add to your mix, here are eleven steps to get you on track. Source: Heidi Cohen’s Actionable Marketing Blog

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Why Online Video Is Hot [Research]

old television set

Online video is hot. While traditional television viewing has remained stable, consumers are slowly changing their viewing habits. Concurrently, marketers are looking to online video to expand their content marketing offering and advertising options. Further, online video enables media entities, stars, marketers and individuals to contribute to the format’s evolution. Digitas’ NewFront examined a variety of different offerings. Here’s the data to explain the market (complete with charts) and 7 reasons online video is attractive to marketers.

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Tablet Roundup – 21 Research Charts & Infographics

iPad in use at home

Tablets are an exploding market. As a marketer, it’s important to understand how this combination light-weight alternative to a laptop computer and a personal leisure device is used, how it changes content consumption and advertising, and how it fits into consumers’ lives relative to other connected devices, namely computers and smartphones.  [Here’s earlier tablet data.] Here are 21 research charts and infographics to help you with your marketing. Source: Heidi Cohen’s Actionable Marketing Blog

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