David Ogilvy

Customer Advertising Preferences For 2016

advertising poster ca 1880

Contrary to popular opinion consumers like advertising. Here’s what Customer Advertising Preferences mean for your 2016 marketing based on research.

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10 Super Easy Blog Post Tricks To Increase Your Business

Blogging Basics 201-Actionable Marketing Guide

Blogging Basics 201 helps you polish your blog posts to increase your business. Includes 10 easy tips with detailed explanations to improve your blogging.

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The Secret to Headlines That Attract Readers & Shares Every Time [Research]

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Do your headlines pull readers & shares in? Here are 7 headline tips guaranteed to make your content stand out. Research & Charts included.

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3 Surefire Ways To Kill Your Content Marketing

I have kept the faith

Does your content marketing fail? If so, here are 9 fixes to help you stop killing your content marketing based on IDG  & CMO Council research.

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How to Write Compelling Titles for Blogs & Content

You have my attention

While it may seem like a waste of time, you must craft the best title you can to ensure the maximum number of people read and/or share your content. Here are ten tips guaranteed to help you attract more readers and to get them to click-through on your content and blog posts. Source: Heidi Cohen’s Actionable Marketing Blog

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David Ogilvy – Father of Content Marketing [Quotes]


David Oglivy, one of the real life Mad Men, is the father of content marketing. He understood how information, transparency and speaking your customers’ language come together to persuade prospects to buy while building your brand. These elements are at the heart of content marketing as it’s practiced in today’s social media world.  Here are five David Ogilvy quotes that illustrate core principles of content marketing.

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7 Social Media Marketing Tips from the Dead


In honor of the Day of the Dead, here are quotes from seven famous marketers and businessmen that still resonate today. To show respect for the timeless nature of their work, here’s how these sayings still hold true for social media marketing.

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Content Marketing Defined

Solve This Puzzle

Content marketing creates and shares useful narrative information to engage prospects, current customers and the public. While grounded in the principles of Mad Men like David Ogilvy in its editorial appearance and Leo Burnett in the integration of important brand attributes, content marketing doesn’t interrupt or promote. It lures potential customers in and persuades them. Here are twelve core attributes of content marketing.

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Content Marketing Definition: 21 Experts Weigh In

Content marketing defined

How do you define content marketing? Here are 21 content marketing definitions from  marketing experts.

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5 David Ogilvy Quotes To Boost Your Content Marketing To The Next Level


David Ogilvy’s advertising advice is at the core of content marketing. One of the original Mad Men, Ogilvy’s advice defines the core of content marketing and how to improve your marketing communications.  Here are five of David Ogilvy’s content marketing related quotes. These words of wisdom form the basis for what is now content marketing.  Each includes recommendations for improving your content marketing’s effectiveness in line with David Ogilvy’s suggestion.

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