Crisis management

7 Social Media Trends for 2011

2010 was a tipping point for social media. In 2011, social media will continue to evolve. Here are seven predictions for how social media will change in the coming year.

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3 Top 2010 Social Media #Fail

The #Fail term on Twitter is a popular way to note a problem with something. Social media marketing can go from positive to negative in a heartbeat. Here are the top three social media fails in 2010.

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Get Human Resources Involved in Social Media Marketing

HR’s involvement in a firm’s social media activities increases over time. Here’s a 10 point social media checklist for your human resources department. (Data included!)

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Is Your Firm Ready?

In today’s social media ecosystem where any customer has access to multiple platforms that can amplify their message, every firm needs to have a crisis management plan in place.  Equally important is having a contingency plan to ensure that the appropriate employees are briefed and notified. Here are five tactics to help shape your company’s crisis management plan.

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