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How Social Media And Content Marketing Work Together

The Social Media Content Marketing Interview

Want your content marketing and social media to work together? Lee Odden, Erin Monday and others give advice in Social Media-Content Marketing Interview.

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5 Small Business Branding Tactics You Can Use

Small Business Branding Tactics

Why Small Business Branding Is Personal Many small businesses think small business branding is an oxymoron. Why? Small businesses consider branding an expensive form of marketing. They think branding requires a big budget to pay for an advertising agency to develop branding campaigns and mass media to build brand awareness.

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How To Create A Killer Presentation Every Time

Heidi Cohen speaking at CMS 2013

Do you know how to create a killer presentation? Here are 17 steps to create live presentation success as part of your content marketing with a case study.

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How to Create a Convincing Marketing Persona Backstory

Marketing persona backstory-heidi Cohen

Do you really know your target audience? One key element to crafting effective content marketing is developing a marketing persona backstory.

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21 Tips Guaranteed to Rock Your Content Marketing

Amp up

Your content marketing must be able to break through the almost 4 zetabytes of digital information that will be created and shared in 2013 and which is expected to almost double by 2015! To cope with this information explosion, people select high value information from their family, friends, bosses, co-workers, social media connections and other sources including you.

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5 Ways Employees Make Your Brand A Reality

Cleveland -Home of Rock and Roll - Heidi Cohen Photo

Do your employees embody your brand? Here are 5 ways employees make your brand a reality & 3 real life examples with photos.

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5 Content Marketing Tips To Beam Your Results Up In 2014

Joe Pulizzi and William Shatner at Content Markeitng World

Want to improve your content marketing in 2014? Follow these 5 Content Marketing Tips from Content Marketing World 2013. With tactics & quotes.

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How to Never Run Out of Blog Content Ideas

Running on Empty

Do you have trouble creating rich, valuable blog content? Here are 13 places to seek blog content ideas to avoid running on empty when you create content.

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13 Actionable Conference Content Marketing Tips

Joe Pulizzi in Content Marketing Institute Orange at Content Marketing World

Want to make the most content from attending a conference? Here are 13 actionable conference content marketing tips to help you.

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The King of Content Marketing Talks

Joe Pulizzi - Content Marketing World - Use Code Heidi100 to save 100

Content marketing continues to be at the top of every marketer’s list. To understand what’s driving this momentum and to get actionable insights marketers can use, we spoke with Joe Pulizzi, founder of Content Marketing Institute and co-author of Epic Content Marketing and Get Content, Get Customers. Joe is undeniably the king of content marketing.

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