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21 Tips Guaranteed to Rock Your Content Marketing

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Your content marketing must be able to break through the almost 4 zetabytes of digital information that will be created and shared in 2013 and which is expected to almost double by 2015! To cope with this information explosion, people select high value information from their family, friends, bosses, co-workers, social media connections and other sources including you.

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Are You Winging Content Marketing Strategy?


How does your firm’s content marketing strategy rate compared to the pack? IMN‘s 2013 Content Marketing Survey Report provides new benchmarks to help you evaluate your organization’s content efforts. Charts & Actionable Content Marketing Tips. Source: Heidi Cohen’s Actionable Marketing Blog

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12 Attributes of a Successful Content Curation Strategy


At its core, content curation is like a great editor or blogger who brings his unique taste and understanding of his target audience to his selection of the best content for his readers. He provides context for the content so that it’s more than collection of information. Here are 3 reasons you need content curation in your content marketing strategy and 12 attributes of a successful content curations strategy.

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