Content Marketing’s 3 Rules: Location, Location, Location


Has your content marketing ever performed below expectations? If so, the answer may be found in the old real estate adage, location, location, location.  As an experiment, last Monday, two of my articles were published in two different digital marketing focused content sites, namely ClickZ and my blog. Here are the results and the related tactics to help you improve the effectiveness of your content marketing.

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10 MUST READ Digital Marketing News Sources

Need to keep up with the ever-changing digital marketing landscape? If so, here are ten must read digital marketing news sources.

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Are You Practicing Spaghetti PR?

Spaghetti PR is an unsophisticated form of media relations. While a good PR person is worth their weight in gold, blindly contacting press with no understanding of the media entity or writer is likely to yield limited results. Here are 7 points to help PR professional pitch reports.

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How NOT to Fail at PR

As a ClickZ writer, I get a lot of attention from PR folks many of whom don’t take the time to do the basics first! In their rush to get media space, they forget that the writer has needs and goals that may be different from those of their client. Here are 10 suggestions to get media attention. Please read on …

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