Facebook Users: What Do They Mean For Your Marketing

Facebook Going My Way

What do Facebook Users mean for your marketing? Pew Internet research (data & charts) show how users have changed. Facebook tips included for marketers

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B2B Purchase Process 2014: What You Need To Know!

Boy makes B2B purchase case

What do marketers need to know support the B2B purchase process in 2014? DemandGen research on this topic analyzed. Includes charts & tips for search, content marketing & social media.

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Facebook Results: Their Sales Are Up – Are Yours?

Mark zuckerberg of Facebook via Robert Scoble

What do Facebook results for 4Q2013 mean for marketers? Facebook’s 4Q2013 results with charts explained. The 3 Facebook factors marketers must consider.

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Social Media Shares: Are You Maximizing Reach?

Please share

Do your social media shares maximize your reach? Here’s 2013 social sharing data & charts analyzed. Includes 7 actionable social media marketing tips.

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Content Curation: Measuring Up To Your Peers?

Curated Art-NYC

How does your content curation activity compare? Based on Trapit research, here is US marketers’ view content curation & 10 actionable marketing tips.

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Social Media Marketing 2014: Where Your Audience Is

Social Media Audience 2014

Planning your social media marketing 2014? Examine this Pew Internet Research with charts. Includes5 actionable social media marketing tips for 2014.

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Pinterest: 3 Tips (and The 1 Secret They Share)


Showing your Pinterest power? If not, here are 3 Power Pinterest Tips (& the 1 secret they share). Also, 3 Pinterest data charts to help your marketing.

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How to Craft The Most Retweetable Tweets

retweetable tweets-twitter tips

Want to extend your Twitter reach? Use these 15 Twitter tips to extend your retweets without any extra work. Reach by Track Maven & charts included.

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The Secret to Headlines That Attract Readers & Shares Every Time [Research]

La Laterne - Boston Public Library

Do your headlines pull readers & shares in? Here are 7 headline tips guaranteed to make your content stand out. Research & Charts included.

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Multi-Platform Content: 11 Tips To Stay Top of Device

Connected via Smartphone and PC - Heidi Cohen-All rights reserved

Is multi-platform content in your marketing plans? Here are 11 tips to stay on your audience’s radar with smartphones, tablets & PCs. Research/charts.

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