5 Proven Social Media Call-to-Action Tips [Research]

Call to action

Integrating an optimized call-to-action into your social media interactions and content makes it actionable and measurable and it gets participants to act. Without a call-to-action, your social media marketing is just branding. It doesn’t support engaging with prospects, deepening relationship, or generating leads or sales. Here are five tips to make your social media media calls-to-action more effective at generating leads and closing them (based on research.) Source: Heidi Cohen’s Actionable Marketing Blog

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13 Ways to Maximize Content Marketing Effectiveness

Face it—you can craft the most awesome content marketing in the world, but if no one reads it, it’s an epic fail. Beyond crafting amazing information, you must dress your content marketing for success. Here are a baker’s dozen ways to maximize content marketing’s effectiveness. SOURCE: Heidi Cohen’s Actionable Marketing Blog

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13 Point Checklist to Optimize Social Media Call-To-Action

Act Now

To break through and efficiently maximize response on social media platforms, a contextually relevant, optimized call-to-action is needed. At its core, a social media call-to-action is a hook to entice prospects and reel them in to take the next step in your process. Included are 3 reasons you need social media calls-to-action and a 13 point checklist to optimize your social media call-to-action.


33 Ways to Get Help For Your Blog (Without Breaking the Bank)

When it comes to blogs as social media fodder and content marketing gold, bloggers get it. Convincing them of the importance of blogging isn’t the issue. Their biggest challenge is getting help in a variety of forms to continually publish fresh, engaging blog content.

Don’t worry — We’ve got you covered with blogging 411 info to help you efficiently leverage resources in seven of the areas where many bloggers typically need support. Source: Heidi Cohen’s Actionable Marketing Blog

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7 Steps You Need Now to Get Your Social Media Selling

How to increase your social media sales

On social media, being promotional is a big no-no. This includes any communication that contains a price, offers a discount or says buy this. So how’s a marketer to sell his offering using social media? (For additional insights, read how social media is dragging e-commerce into the future.) Here are seven steps to help you use social media to support your sales process. Source: Heidi Cohen’s Actionable Marketing Blog.

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Direct Marketing ABCs – Digital, Social Media & Mobile Included

Direct marketing solicits an immediate action such as an order, application or registration. It’s evolved since its early catalog beginnings (Does anyone remember the massive Sears Roebuck catalog?) and now encompasses digital, social media and mobile. To help you better understand direct marketing as it’s currently practiced, here are the ABCs of direct marketing.


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Does Your Content Marketing Contain These 12 Must-Have Components?

As a marketer, do you consider your content finished once it’s written and proofread? If so, you may not be maximizing the effectiveness of each piece of content to reach the broadest possible audience. To that end, here are twelve must-have content marketing elements to ensure your content marketing maximizes its effectiveness. Of course, you must have a related call-to-action to motivate readers to action.

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Spice Up Your Marketing: 12 Food-for-Thought Tips

If you’re like a lot of New Yorkers, you’re predictable when it comes to lunch. Day in and day out, you go the same restaurant or take out place and order “the usual”. Is the same true of your marketing? While this makes planning easy and low cost, do your prospects and customers find it predictable or, even worse, boring? Does advertising blindness cause them to miss your marketing because it blends in with the other messages bombarding them? If so, you’ve got a problem since you’re not maximizing results for your marketing investment. Here are twelve food-for-thought changes to spice up your marketing.

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Is Your Marketing Actionable?

What is actionable marketing? Contrary to what some may think, actionable marketing has nothing to do with the law where actionable means to bring a legal suit. Rather, actionable refers to marketing’s ability to persuade prospects, customers and the public to engage with your firm. Here are the twelve elements that define actionable marketing.

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