Images: How to Tell Your Brand Story [Examples]

tell a story

Stories trump other forms of information making them important for your brand. Images take stories beyond plain text and words; they provide context for the listener and make memorable associations. As a result, one image can be more powerful than the associated words.

As a marketer, use the power of images to tell your brand’s story concisely to today’s content snacking consumer. Even more valuable to your brand are stories that get people talking. Here are five reasons images tell good brand stories and five tips to help you use images to tell you brand’s story. Includes 3 examples with graphics. Source: Heidi Cohen’s Actionable Marketing Blog.

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Content Marketing: How to Get More Readers

Break Through The BS

While content is 2013’s marketing mantra, to achieve their business goals, marketers must break through the noise (aka bs) to get their information read. As a marketer, you’re up against a sea of messages competing for your prospects’ attention.  Creating and distributing content that reaches your target audience and fulfills their needs without being promotional is a challenge. Includes 7 actionable content marketing tactics and research. Source: Heidi Cohen’s Actionable Marketing Blog.

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105 Point Checklist to Get 2013 Marketing On Track

105 Point Checklist for 2013 - Heidi Cohen's Actionable Marketing Blog

Want your 2013 marketing to succeed? Of course you do! (Who doesn’t?) Then follow this 2013 Marketing Guide, written in plain English and broken into 105 easy-to-follow steps.

To get your 2013 marketing on track regardless of whether you work for a B2C, B2B, not-for-profit or you’re a solopreneur, this 105 point checklist is a must-have business tool. It’s useful for specialized marketers including social media, content marketing and mobile.

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[INFOGRAPHIC] 13 Content Marketing Sins (& How To Fix Them)

13 content marketing sins

Content marketing is a cost effective way to build your brand, develop a customer base and/or drive sales. Unfortunately, despite their best intentions, most marketers and content creators commit one or more sins. Here are thirteen common content marketing sins and actionable content marketing advice to fix them. [INFOGRAPHIC]

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How to Create a Killer Blog

First place Blue Ribbon

What distinguishes one blog from another is what you do with your blog and how you build it to achieve your goals. To give you a boost on building your blog or to take your blog to the next level, here are twenty-one steps to help. Each step includes links to more detailed information to get your blog on track. Source: Heidi Cohen’s Actionable Marketing Blog

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The 10 Plagues of Social Media


Like the ten plagues of ancient Egypt, social media can wreck havoc with your marketing and business plans. While in today’s 24/7 always on, everyone’s a publisher environment, every business faces the possibility of a PR crisis occurring, you can mitigate the impact of most social media evils. Here are the ten plagues of social media and actionable marketing tips to overcome them. (On a related note, here’s the 10 Commandments of Social Media.)

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How Social Media and Content Marketing Changed Branding

brands come to life

Brands must project the values and importance of the products and companies they represent. While most marketers get the need for consistent use of colors, logos and design, they’ve never thought about their brands from the 360 degree, real life perspective that social media and content marketing require. (Here’s a some branding tips to help you develop your brand.) In other words, how do you represent your brand in video, photographic, audio and live formats?  Here are 7 branding tips from Heidi Cohen’s Actionable Marketing Blog.

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Social Media: The Skinny on Brands Versus Direct Marketing [Research]

get the skinny

97% of marketers believe social media supports their business objectives, according to recent Wildfire research. The problem is that, by itself, this data point doesn’t give marketers any guidance for using social media in their plans. Here’s the skinny on social media branding and direct marketing (aka direct response) and what you as a marketer need to do to improve your ability to use social media more effectively.

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How To Make Your Brand Stand Out


Branding matters! People, namely your prospects, customers and the public, must be able to distinguish your offering without thinking about it from a sea of competitive products and other messages vying for their attention Does your brand stand out whether it’s your logo, company colors, voice, look and feel, use of language, sounds or other attributes? Here are five questions every marketer must answer to ensure that their brand makes a lasting impression. (It’s useful to start with these questions about your brand’s DNA.)


Forget Brand Loyalty, Show Me The Savings [Research]

Photo provided by a contributor to

Brand loyalty has eroded due to the recession that’s tightened consumer budgets and heightened cost consciousness. In 2011, roughly four out of ten shoppers buys the brand they want in terms of consumer goods (namely things bought in grocery stores and drugstore), erosion of over 10% based on research by comScore. Here are 5 Ways to recession-proof your marketing

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