Are You Maximizing Your Content Reach?

get word out maximize audience

Chances are your potential audience is smaller than it could be. Like many content creators and bloggers, you consider you’re finished once you hit the publish button. The reality is content creation is only the first step in getting your content widely distributed to the people most interested in it. Without further action, your content, social media or blog post will languish with lackluster readership unless you write for an established media entity with a large reader base. Here are 13 tactics to grow your audience.

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It’s Not Just the Blog! It’s the Marketing

BlogWorld Logo 2011

After three days at BlogWorld Expo New York, my head feels like it’s grown five hat sizes with all of the information I learned. Do you want to improve your blog marketing? Then apply these top five key marketing tactics from Blogworld Expo New York to take your blog to the next level.

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21 Tips to Reduce Blog Risk

Don't put all your eggs in one blog

Take a blogging cue from the saying “Don’t put all of your eggs in one basket,” which means to reduce your risk by offering a variety of content options and expanding your potential blog audience. Here are twenty-one ways to reduce blog risk, broken into four categories.

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How Do You Measure Social Media?


Do you know what percentage of your website visits come from social media? According to ForeSee’s new research, less than 1% of website visits come directly from a social media URL. Read the press release and you’ll see that they’re very specific. Here are 7 points that need to be considered and 5 social media marketing factors that can improve your social media ROI.

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Don’t Tax Yourself – 99 Free Blog Titles


Many bloggers and writers experience writer’s block (or Blank-Post-Syndrome as I call it) at some time when, no matter what you do, you can’t get enough words onto your computer screen to form one meager sentence. You need to plan ahead to ensure that you always have writing inspiration. In honor of US Tax Day, here are 99 free blog titles that won’t tax your brain, especially after doing all of those calculations!

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12 Blog Habits You Need Now!

Blogging is hard work regardless of whether you’re blogging for yourself or for a business. To consistently do it well and meet your goals requires discipline. Therefore it’s critical to make blogging an integral part of your daily routine. Here are twelve blog habits to help get you on track.

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Leaving Blog Comments: The Goldilocks Approach

Leaving comments on other people’s blogs is one of the unwritten rules of blogging. The notion of do unto others as you would have them do unto you should be obvious to bloggers who constantly seek to get more blogs comments, but, alas, it’s not. Take the Goldilocks approach to leaving comments to help simplify this task.

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How to Find Social Media Content Inspiration

Have a case of Blank Post Syndrome? Don’t know where to  find inspiration for creating meaty content that grabs readers by the collar and makes them want more? Try MBWA, which stands for management by walking around. Skip the sanitized corporate-speak and find out what’s happening inside and outside your company. Here’s 13 tips for creating great corporate social media content.

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40 Blog Metrics

Ask many bloggers how their blog is performing and they suddenly get nervous. Why? Is there an arithmophobia epidemic raging across the blogosphere? The reality is that blog metrics are your friend. They help you understand how well your blog is performing relative to your goals. Here are 40 blog metrics to help you asset your blog’s performance.

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How to Sex Up Your Blog

Does your blog have sex appeal? Does your blog reach out and grab your readers to make them want more? Or do your prospective readers think, it’s just another WordPress weblog, why bother. To make your blog stand out, you need to dress it up.

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