What I Learned Running a Contest

As a marketer, it’s important to assess every marketing campaign to see how well it did against your goals.  To help my readers, here are 5 take-aways that I learned running the We ♥ Bloggers Contest in February.

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We Heart Bloggers Contest Roundup

The “We Heart Bloggers” Contest ran throughout the month of February, 2011, to celebrate bloggers across the blogosphere. Bloggers were challenged to write a post using one of these 125 Blog Free Titles based on childhood concepts and to tweet it using the #BloggerLove hashtag. And, the winner is…

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Does Your Social Media Marketing Strategy Need Training Wheels?

Learning how to interact on social media platforms is a lot like learning to ride a bicycle. Social media marketing can require outside help that acts like training wheels to , getting you up to speed so you can get along on your own. This is an ode to #BloggerLove Month and our We ♥ Bloggers Content. Please get your submissions published! Need inspiration? Here’s a 125 Free Blog Titles.

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How to Celebrate Your Customers

In honor of Valentine’s Day show your customers some love. The goal is to delight them in an unexpected way and we have a list of 100 options to help you. [BTW, here’s our #BloggerLove Contest to celebrate our readers. Enter a blog post with one of these 125 free blog titles by February 28th, 2011 to win.]

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We ♥ Bloggers Contest

To celebrate American Heart Month, we’re offering bloggers a little bit of love. We’re renaming February, Blogger Love Month and using the hashtag, BloggerLove (#BloggerLove) to mark our tweets and posts. We’re offering you 125 Free Blog Topics based on things we learned from hanging out with kids.  To show that every one of you is a winner with us, all posts that use one of these 125 titles will be featured in a roundup blog post on March 7th and be eligable to win a special prize.

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