How Social Media And Content Marketing Work Together

The Social Media-Content Marketing Interview

The Social Media Content Marketing InterviewSocial media and content marketing are intricately interconnected. Used together, social media and content marketing give you marketing superpowers.

To fully appreciate the combined power of social media and content marketing, we interviewed 4 Content Marketing World 2015 rockstars from the Social Media Track. 

4 Social Media-Content Marketing Experts


star-orange Heidi Cohen

Why Heidi Cohen is a content marketing rockstar:  

Early in my career, I saw that content would trump promotion as a major way of reaching audiences in a connected world. I’ve been singing this song as a marketer, a professor and a writer who energizes audiences around the world.

star-orange Bob Gilbreath

Why Bob Gilbreath is a content marketing rockstar:

I’ve been a leader of the content marketing revolution as a brand leader (P&G), agency owner (WPP), investor and startup founder (Ahalogy).

star-orange Erin Monday

  • Company: Lenovo
  • Twitter handle: @ErinMonday
  • Best piece of content Monday created on social media & content marketing: The Research Triangle Park website that Monday developed/created/redesigned before Stackla was a thing.

Why Erin Monday is a content marketing rockstar:

I tell awesome stories that get people excited.

star-orange Lee Odden

Why Lee Odden is a content marketing rockstar:  

I’m not. My team at TopRank Marketing and the awesome clients they serve like Dell, LinkedIn and McKesson are the stars. I am but a humble content servant.

[Editor’s note: I’ve known Lee Odden since 2006. As a marketer, Lee is one of the biggest content rockstars with a blog that’s over 10 years old. He’s always pushing the limits of content marketing. Odden rocks!!!]

The Social Media-Content Marketing InterviewThe Social Media Content Marketing Interview

1. What is the key point that you want attendees to learn as a result of attending your session? Why is this important to them?

Heidi Cohen: MC and Curator of the Social Media Track

Social media and content marketing have a symbiotic relationship.

Social media feeds on content. You need to continually share and curate quality content including text, images, video, audio and commentary, to keep and build relationships.

Content marketing needs social media support to ensure that your content reaches its maximum potential audience.

Bob Gilbreath: Developing a Pinterest Strategy For Your Content Marketing

Pinterest is an amazing media channel for content marketing, but it takes an SEO mentality to win.

Erin Monday: Social SEO: Hacking The New Algorithms

I am blunt — and I’m rolling up my cuffs for the Social Media Track at Content Marketing World.

I’m going to tell you how social SEO is!!! (Editor’s note: This is critical for everyone using content marketing!!!).

  • What you can do to increase traffic, real traffic.
  • How you can manipulate the social media algorithms for your own gain (I learned social media through an SEO’s lens.)

I’m going to share things you’ve never heard before. Things that will probably get me permanently banned from LinkedIn — by the way.

Also, we’re going to talk about hot dogs.

Lee Odden: Participation Marketing: How To Co-create, Optimize and Socialize Content With Influencers

Creating a consistent stream of engaging and varied content that is easy to find wherever customers are looking is hard!

But you don’t have to (and shouldn’t) do it alone.

Co-creating content with your community enables quality content at scale that can be optimized for search, socialized for networks, publicized to the media and influencer activated. 

This is incredibly important as demand for content rises right along with information overload and expectations of content quality. Co-creating content with the very audience you want to market to creates an “everybody wins” scenario. And who doesn’t like that kind of ROI?

[Editor’s note: BTW, Odden is the creator of the conference ebook, aka epic curated content. Check out this year’s version:


2. Why is social media critical to content marketing?

Heidi Cohen:

Social media is where your content marketing connects with your audience, including prospects, customers, influencers, and others. Through these relationships you as a marketer can acquire a deeper understanding of your target market and engage with them directly.

Additionally, social media is an important element of any content marketing distribution plan. Social media extends your content’s reach. (Note: This doesn’t imply that social media distribution is free.)

Social media distribution of content provides an endorsement based on the person sharing your information.

Bob Gilbreath:

Social media is increasingly how people discover great content.

Erin Monday:

Social media is a distributor of content. It’s as much a tool in your arsenal as web or email.

Lee Odden:

At the most basic level, social media insights can inform content topics, formats and promotion channels.

When content centric brands build active communities on social networks, they create an invaluable channel of distribution for content promotion, engagement and influencer activation.

Content isn’t great until people find and consume it. Social networks can provide excellent content amplification so that great content gets the exposure it deserves.

3. How do you define social content?

Heidi Cohen: 

Social content involves the community—customers, influencers, social media followers and the public—in your content marketing creation process in one of 4 ways.

Bob Gilbreath:

Content is useful or entertaining information, and social is how people discover it.

Erin Monday: 

Short, sweet, succulent — and capable of packing a punch at 140 characters.

Lee Odden:

Social content is content intended for publishing, promotion and engagement on social networks. Social Content is created with empathy for the user experience on social networks versus content published on the web at large.

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The marketing bottom line:

You need a strategy for using social media and content marketing so that they work together and your results are greater than they’d be if you only used social media or content marketing alone.

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Happy Marketing,
Heidi Cohen

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