The Ultimate Content Curation Glossary

100 Content Curation Terms

Ultimate Content Curation GlossaryWords matter when it comes to content marketing, especially for content curation.

Therefore a comprehensive content curation glossary is critical to learn the words of the trade.

100 Content curation terms

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5 Small Business Branding Tactics You Can Use

Why Small Business Branding Is Personal

Small Business Branding TacticsMany small businesses think small business branding is an oxymoron.


Small businesses consider branding an expensive form of marketing. They think branding requires a big budget to pay for an advertising agency to develop branding campaigns and mass media to build brand awareness. Continue reading

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Content Curation Versus Content Aggregation

3 Ways Content Curation Trumps Content Aggregation

Content Curation Versus Content AggregationContent curation versus content aggregation is a challenge many marketers face due to limited budgets and their prospects’ insatiable need for content.

As a marketer, it’s useful to have both content curation and content aggregation capabilities in your content marketing toolbox. Continue reading

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50 Marketing Quotes For Back-To-School

The Marketing Inspiration You Need

50 Marketing QuotesLabor Day signals the return to school. To get your marketing studies on track whether you’re in school or not, here are 50 marketing quotes for back-to-School.

In the process of compiling this list of marketing quotes, I stumbled upon this gem by Stephen Denny: “If dogs don’t like your dog food, the packaging doesn’t matter.” Tweet This Continue reading

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Blog Inspiration To Fill Your September Editorial Calendar

25 Free Fall Content Marketing Titles

Free Fall Content Marketing TitlesLabor Day Weekend signals the end of summer, at least in my small area of the world. Marketers, like students, need to think in terms of back-to-school and fall.

While many American students are already back at school and the back-to-school marketing push occurred in early August, you can still attract a portion of the $669.28 the average US family spends for grade-schoolers or the $916.48 college students spend, according to the National Retail Federation with the right content.

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The 3 Content Curation Superpowers

10 Ways You Can Curate Content To Build Your Brand

content curation superpowersWe’re drowning in content. As Google’s CEO, Eric Schmidt famously said, “Every two days now we create as much information as we did from the dawn of civilization up until 2003.”

As a result, we don’t need more information; we need help finding the important stuff fast.  Continue reading


Does Your Company’s Social Media Use Compare?

2014 Fortune 500 Social Media [Research / Charts]

2014 Fortune 500 SOcial MediaIt’s 2014 and the 500 largest companies in the US are expanding their use and adaption of social media. (BTW, here’s how the Fortune 500 behaved on social media in 2013.)

While this should seem like a no-brainer to American adults who on average spend an hour and seven minutes on social media platforms daily, making the business case for social media in a large organization isn’t always easy. Continue reading

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Why Your Social Media Is Failing

How To Incorporate Marketing Into Your Social Media

Why Your Social Media Is FailingMost businesses and marketers are active on at least one form of social media BUT not all of them are marketing on social media.

It’s the core problem behind “We need a Facebook page!” or whatever the social media du jour is. Instead, they claim, “Our social media is failing!”

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If Facebook Only Makes Pennies Per User, What Can YOU Do?

10 Ways To Generate Content Revenues (Without Advertising)

Generate Content RevnuesUnlike Facebook, I routinely turn down advertising offers.

My publisher father thinks this is sacrilegious. He says, “Any revenues your content generates are good.” Continue reading

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The Secret Sauce For Creating Epic Curated Content

Content Curation Lessons From Lee Odden

Secret Sauce For Epic Curated ContentAuthor of Optimize, Lee Odden is the master of developing curated conference ebooks. These ebooks are a classic example of epic curated content.

Epic curated content is a major content marketing effort that’s both original content and curated content because it’s co-created with participants. Continue reading

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