Best Marketing Advice For Recent Graduates

100 Marketing Experts Share Their Career Wisdom

Best Marketing Advice – 100 expertsOn the MetroNorth railroad, heading back to Grand Central, I gave my two cents regarding how to get into marketing to a recent graduate seated opposite me.

I recommended spending time on social media to understand how businesses use it to achieve business objectives (as opposed to using it to socialize) and starting a blog.

To supplement this advice, I pulled a notepad out of my backpack and jotted down a few books and resources. Continue reading

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The 2 Things Every Marketer Must Do

20 Tactics To Raise Your Marketing Batting Average

Marketing Batting Average-20 TacticsMarketers are a lot like great baseball hitters. To raise your marketing batting average, you need to do 2 things: Get up to bat a lot and get on base a lot.

Get your marketing up to bat a lot

To get your marketing up at bat more frequently, create more top of the funnel opportunities.

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What Would You Give Up To Keep Your Smartphone?

Mobile App Research Reveals What You Need To Know

Mobile Apps-HeidiCohenSmartphones are the center of our 21st century lives.

47% of Americans can’t go more than 24 hours without their smartphone according to BankAmerica research. Tweet This

Sorry television, coffee and social media–BUT smartphones outrank you in terms of daily necessity! Continue reading

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The Dirty Little Secret Of Content Curation Roundup Posts

10 Super Easy Tips To Improve Roundup Results

Content Curation Roundup PostRoundup posts are “sweet”.

As a specialized form of content curation, roundup posts are the content marketing gift that keeps on giving when done well.

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13 Hot Marketing Tips To Set Off Fireworks

13 States Of Marketing

Fireworks-13 Hot Marketing Tips-HeidiCohenLike 4th of July fireworks, your marketing must be hot, bright and loud to break through, attract attention, and get people to act.

Just as fireworks have evolved to create amazing, synchronized light displays, marketing has also advanced so that we now have 13 states of marketing. Continue reading

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4 Ways To Expand Your Content Marketing With Social Content

Social Content Definition: Examples and Marketing Tips

Social Content-Involve Your CommunitySocial content is shorthand for the terms “social media” and “content marketing.” It represents content and link sharing on various social media platforms.

Yet, for marketers, the social content definition is broader and, often, not well understood. Social content is about how the content is created, not shared or distributed!

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The State Of Blogging 2014 [Research - Charts]

Blogging Fame: 5 Easy Fixes

The State of Blogging 2014Do you ever look at the top 25 blogs and wonder whether you’re doing something wrong?

They make blogging look easy.

Without seeming to work very hard, their blog posts acquire tons of social activity and comments. Continue reading

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Can You Curate Content Like The Masters? 7 Secrets

Content Curation Giants: Google Versus Amazon

Content Curation Giants- Google - AmazonAmazon and Google are content curation giants.

Specifically, they are major media entities that curate other people’s information. Before you object that Google is the world’s search engine, and Amazon is the world’s online retailer, let’s look at what constitutes a media entity. Continue reading

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