Audio Content Marketing: 5 Actionable Tips

3 Reasons You Need Audio Content

Cat listening to audio contentAre you aware of the power and growth of audio content?

I admit I wasn’t.

I’m a carless New Yorker. It’s easy for me to overlook the power of drive time radio.

But even President Obama has his favorite Spotify list! Continue reading

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Hustle – Book Interview

Heidi Cohen Interviews Neil Patel

New book: HUSTLE: The Power to Charge Your Life with Money, Meaning, and Momentum

Hustle front coverQ: What’s your best piece of advice for readers looking to improve their marketing?

If you are trying to improve your marketing you have to continually test. From SEO to content marketing to paid ads, there is no one solution to grow a business. But through testing you can figure out what strategies work best and focus on them.

Think of marketing like throwing spaghetti on the wall. You have to see what sticks. But without testing the waters, you won’t know what you should be focusing on and what you shouldn’t be.

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Conference Content: Before, During and After

3 Ways Maximize Your Conference Participation With Content

Conference contentMarketing conference season is in full swing—Is your conference content?

For content marketers, conferences are amazing opportunities to create, distribute and consume content.

They’re laser-focused on a specific topic. Continue reading

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Intelligent Content – Book Interview

Heidi Cohen Interviews Scott Abel

New book: Intelligent Content: A Primer

intelligent-content-coverQ: What’s your best piece of advice for readers looking to improve their marketing?

Marketing is about delivering the right message to the right person, not the right persona group. The best strategies for the future involve building a content factory that allows you to create, manage, and most importantly, deliver personalized content. Any other improvements are just bandaids covering larger problems is just busy work.

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Conference In-Person Event Content: 3 Points of View

Content Marketing World Conference: Naked and Exposed

Conference In-person event contentConferences like Content Marketing World are the ultimate in-person event content.

Presenters, attendees and sponsors must engage person-to-person (P2P).

Human-to-human (H2H—Hat tip: Bryan Kramer) interactions build relationships that continue to grow. Continue reading

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Top Marketing Books: Educate Yourself!

Top Marketers Recommend Favorite Marketing Books

Top Marketing BooksAs a marketer and professor, I’m often asked, “What are the top marketing books I need to read?”

I’m also asked, ”What are the top marketing books should I recommend my boss or team read?”

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Authority Content – Book Interview

Heidi Cohen Interviews David Jenyns

New book: Authority Content: The Simple System for Building Your Brand, Sales, and Credibility


Authority ContentQ: What’s your best piece of advice for readers looking to improve their marketing?

Focus on marketing activities where you continually get paid over a long period of time. That is to say, focus on building digital assets that continue to drive you traffic and sales rather than looking for loop holes that last for a short period in time.

For example, focus on building up useful and helpful content rather than focusing on how to beat Google’s algorithm.
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Content Marketer’s Guide To Attending Conferences

Expert Tips To Maximize Your Conference Content

Conference content guide

Marketing conference season kicks off next week with Content Marketing World.

These mega events are content marketing bonanzas.

Conferences provide a hotbed of content opportunities for the astute content creator.

They raise awareness around key industry topics. Examine the conference agenda to learn what’s hot and where the field is headed. Continue reading

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Content Marketing World Authors

Interviews with Content Marketing World Presenters

Andy_Crestodina-_Content_Chemistry-_Content_Marketing_World_2015Books are the ultimate long form content marketing. They’re educational information audiences actively seek.

No one knows this better than the Content Marketing World authors!

Professionals often write books to establish their authority and influence. My husband discovered this by accident when he wrote the first book on HTML.

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3 Essential Content Marketing Skills

Do You Exercise Your Content Marketing Muscles Regularly?

Essential Content Marketing SkillsAre your content marketing skills in shape?

Before you answer, realize this is back-to-school and post-vacation season. It’s when people get back to work and gym routines.

Even if you’re an experienced marketer, your content proficiency may be a bit out of practice after the summer. Or you may be looking to enhance your skills. Continue reading

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