How To Launch A Successful Business Blog

My Boss Said Yes To The Blog: What Do I Do Now?

Successful Business Blog is like a wedding dressFor many brides, selecting their wedding dress is the key to their plans for the big day. It’s so big that there’s a television reality show called, “Say Yes To The Dress.” Your business blog is the wedding dress of your organization’s content marketing strategy.

I never got the wedding dress hoopla until I bought mine. Being practical, I figured a nice cocktail dress would be fine and save me a bundle of money. But wedding dresses like blogs aren’t about being practical. They’re about your heart and soul. Continue reading

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The #1 Media Lesson Content Marketers Must Learn

Media Secret: Why Your Content Does Not Drive Sales

Girl Reading Newspaper-2Roughly 90% of businesses, both B2B and B2C use content marketing. They heed the words, “Every marketer is a publisher.” (BTW—I wrote this article for ClickZ back in 2006.)

Yet, if you’re like most content marketers, you’re focused on creating as much content as possible as part of your content marketing strategy. In the process, you may be missing the key business lesson at the heart of every media entity. Continue reading

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7 Guidelines For Visual Content Marketing With Free Images

How You Can Find, Use and Make Free Images Unique For Your Brand

Seeing beyond the steps-Visual Content Marketing With Free ImagesVisual content are reader magnets. They jump off of the page or social media stream and suck us in without needing to process more complex information.

This should be no surprise since rapidly consuming visual information is a natural instinct that keeps us alive. Continue reading

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Content Marketing Works – Book Interview

Heidi Cohen Interviews Arnie Kuenn

Content Marketing Works

What’s your best piece of advice for readers looking to improve their marketing and why is it so important?

Well of course I have to recommend they focus on content marketing. And the approach I recommend they follow is to start by creating a really useful, core piece of content like a free guide, whitepaper or case study.

Put it behind a lead capture form and promote it via social media, blogs posts on their site, and maybe even a press release announcing it. Continue reading

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13 Content Curation #FAILS

Improve Your Content Curation To Yield Results

Content curation failContent curation is hot!

It’s a no brainer for marketers like you who need to continually feed your target audience’s insatiable needs for information.

Don’t take our word for it. Here’s what research by found: Continue reading

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5 Content Type You Need To Increase Lifetime Sales 

Post-Purchase Content: Keep Your Customers Happy And Buying

Post purchase contentWhen a customer buys from your firm is a pivotal marketing moment. P&G considered it so important that it coined the phrase: The Second Moment of Truth.

Does your offering still work the way your customers expected when they get it into their office or home? Continue reading

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2015 Small Business Social Media Trends [Research]

How The Inc 500 Use Social Media In 2015

Kids at computer-2015 Small Business Social Media Trends-193% of the Inc 500 use at least one social media platform or tool based on research by University of Massachusetts Dartmouth.

As the fastest-growing private companies in the US, the Inc 500 collectively demonstrate how businesses leverage evolving marketing tools and trends cost-effectively to drive profitable revenues. By definition, these businesses are trendsetters who continue to improve their reach by pushing the limits of new methods. Continue reading

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Sticky Branding – Book Interview

An Interview With Heidi Cohen


What’s your best piece of advice for readers looking to improve their marketing and why is it so important?

Nothing will accelerate your brand more than achieving Simple Clarity. This is the ability to describe your business and what makes it unique in ten words or less.

Simple Clarity is a unique from your standard elevator pitch, because it’s a very condensed and practical description of your business. Continue reading

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Visual Content Promotions: 5 Lessons To Succeed (Examples)

Is Your Visual Content Promotion A Social Media Snore?

Toot Your Own Horn-Visual Content PromotionYou know you’re in trouble when digital B2B media gets more social media love than your comedy movie promotion.

Get Vince Vaughn to star in your next business presentation. Sounds like something that might get your boss’s attention or your friends? Continue reading

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Build Your Social Media Editorial Calendar For Best Results

Social Media Editorial Calendar: 5 Key Elements

How To BUild YOur Social mEdia Editorial CalendarWithout a social media editorial calendar, you can slide down the social media rabbit hole emerging hours later with little to show for your time.

Despite social media’s content distribution power, many marketers feel that their social marketing efforts are aimless and don’t yield measurable results.

When it comes to social media, planning and timing are everything.

Continue reading

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