73 Smartphone and Tablet Facts Every Marketer Needs

The State of Mobile 2014

The State of Mobile 2014-Girl on Beach With SmartphoneMobile devices are a way of life in 2014.

What does “Mobile” mean to your customers?
What does “Mobile” mean to YOU as a marketer?

To answers these questions, we’ve analyzed the latest research on how people in the US and around the world think about mobile and how they use their mobile devices.  (BTW- Here is mobile data from earlier this year. Continue reading

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20 Ways To Craft Amazing Blog Posts Your Readers Love

Up-cycled Blog Post Content

Up-cycled Blog Post Content-Heidi CohenUnlike recycling that converts waste into new ingredients to avoid squandering potentially useful resources, up-cycling converts worthless materials into higher quality products.

Similarly, upcycled content instills existing communications (often that are no longer of value) into fresh high quality information your target audience actively seeks to fulfill their needs and desires.

When applied to blog articles, the resulting up-cycled blog post content yields increased value through the application of creativity. Continue reading

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How You Can Tap Into The Power Of Twitter

6 Twitter Community Structures Simplify Your Work

Twitter Community StructuresDo you want to tap into the power of Twitter to improve your social media reach and results?

Of course you do! (Who doesn’t???)

In plain English the secret is: Continue reading

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How To Make The Business Case For Content Curation

5 Ways To Prove To Your Boss You Need Content Curation  

Business Case for Content CurationHave you made the case for content curation within your organization?

Don’t think that your firm needs content curation, then look at these content marketing facts and see if you’re ready to reconsider.

93% of B2B businesses use content marketing according to Content Marketing Institute and MarketingProfs 2014 research. Continue reading

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The One Marketing Opportunity Everyone Is Missing

15 Ways To Generate Sales From The People Who Know You Best

Generate sales from the people who know you bestMost businesses zealously rush to test every new marketing tactic touted to attract new prospects, maintain and grow their customer base.

Customer acquisition is expensive since you must invest in marketing including advertising to find, reach and convert prospects. Continue reading

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7 Steps To Use Personae In Your Marketing Plan

What To Do After You Create A Marketing Persona

Post Marketing Persona Creation-7 StepsA persona is a key element of social media, content or really any type of marketing.

BUT persona creation is NOT a marketing destination. Tweet This

You develop a persona to facilitate your marketing creation and enhance its effectiveness. Continue reading


Are You Producing Content Like An A-Lister?

Second Half Content Marketing Checklist – 50 Points

Second Half Content Marketing ChecklistWould you like craft content marketing like an A-lister?

You spend hours and hours on your content marketing.

By contrast, A-listers make content marketing look effortless.

Continue reading

40 Blogging Tactics For Your Marketing Toolbox

Is Blogging a Social Media OR Search Tactic?

blogging: social media or search tacticAs a marketer, is blogging a social media or search tactic?

Don’t think it doesn’t matter because blogging addresses both marketing needs.

Let’s examine how these 2 approaches differ since it has an impact on your blog’s content, presentation and results. By understanding these differences, you can enhance your blog’s ability to achieve your business objectives. Continue reading

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How To Increase Social Media ROI On Facebook & Twitter

The Hard Truth About Social Share Lifespan [Charts]

Facebook post lifespanBlink on most social media platforms and you may miss the conversation.

Andy Warhol’s idea of 15 minutes of fame seems like a lifetime by comparison.

Why? Continue reading

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Best Marketing Advice For Recent Graduates

100 Marketing Experts Share Their Career Wisdom

Best Marketing Advice – 100 expertsOn the MetroNorth railroad, heading back to Grand Central, I gave my two cents regarding how to get into marketing to a recent graduate seated opposite me.

I recommended spending time on social media to understand how businesses use it to achieve business objectives (as opposed to using it to socialize) and starting a blog.

To supplement this advice, I pulled a notepad out of my backpack and jotted down a few books and resources. Continue reading

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