10 Video Content Elements To Help You Become A Director

Video Marketing Creation Guide: Lights, Camera, Action

Video Marketing GuideIs video content part of your marketing mix?

“Video will become the be-all/end-all of eyeball reaching in 2014. ” was one of the 64 content marketing predictions via Lindsay Bell of Armant Dietrich.

Based on the data, maybe it’s time to consider adding it to your mix.

  • 77% of global Internet users watch video, according to Global Web Index. In total, 1.15 billion people view video on a connected device. Of these, 626 million view video on a smartphone and 297 million view video on a tablet.
  • Two-thirds of firms are planning to increase their spend on video marketing according to Ascend2.

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20 Best Content Distribution Platforms [Research / Chart]

Content Marketing: Product Information Distribution Platforms

20 Best Content MarketingAre you reaching the maximum audience for your product information content?

This question keeps marketers awake at night. It’s that nagging feeling that their content marketing distribution strategy may have missed something.

Global content distribution platforms Continue reading

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The Blog Learning Curve: How To Improve Your Results

10 Tricks To Smarter Blogging Based On Your Experience

10 Blogging tricks-Heidi CohenThere’s a blog learning curve: Your blogging results improve as your knowledge of blogging increases over time.

In manufacturing, this is called the experience curve. Based on cost behavior analysis, it was developed in the 1960s by Bruce D. Henderson and the Boston Consulting Group (BCG). Continue reading

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The Art Of Visual Content: Lessons From The Masters

5 Visual Content Guidelines To Help You [Examples]

Rembrant Self PortraitEver wonder why art students set up easels in museums making poor imitations of Rembrandts?

Imitating the masters gives you insights into what it takes to create a masterpiece. But more is needed.

While practice improves your skill, you have to go beyond making second-rate copies of other people’s work, whether it’s the great masters or another brand’s content marketing.

Like art, not everyone who creates visual content becomes a master. Continue reading

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Content Design: How Improve Your Content Effectiveness

7 Actionable Marketing Tips To Guide Your Content Design

How will you improve your content designContent design matters.

If you’re a content creator, you feel that once you’ve finished writing, your piece is done.

Yet the reality is that the work has first started. You’ve a raw piece of content but it needs more work to achieve your business goals; to break through and grab your audience.

Before explaining how to do this, let’s take a very basic example to illustrate the point. Continue reading

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Lean Content Definition Roundup

23 Experts Weigh In On What Makes Content Lean

22 Experts Weigh in - Heidi Cohen-Actionable Marketing GuideDoes your content meet the lean content definition?

Does your content contain excess words and fluff? Do you think: Why offer 500 words when I have 1,500?

Do you try to pack everything that you can into each paragraph? Fill it with additional relevant points? If so, you may confuse your readers and cause them to move on. Continue reading

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Online Content Generation: 15 Facts Marketers Need

Online Content Generation Insights To Ignore At Your Peril

Online Content GenerationHappy Pi Day! No—that’s not a misspelling.

Today, 3.14, is International Pi Day.

Pi is a constant. Pi represents the ratio of a circle’s circumference to its diameter. Pi is an irrational, transcendental number. Pi continues infinitely without repetition or pattern. Continue reading

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How To Make Your Blog Appealing To Your Key Audience

Blog Appeal: 5  Attributes You Need (Tips Too!)

Blog Appeal-5 AttributesWill your potential visitor stop and read your blog content or won’t he?

That’s the key question.  Regardless of your goals, if your blog isn’t appealing to your target audience, it’s not going to attract an audience or achieve your goals.

Your blog has to be like chocolate cake to entice readers. Neal Shaffer, Founder and Editor-In-Chief of Maximize Social Business, gets this. Continue reading


10 Content Marketing Secrets

How to Fill Your Editorial Calendar (Without Working)

content marketing secretEver find yourself in need of content?

One trick I use is the editorial calendar. It helps me ensure that I’m publishing a balance of the 5 basic content types my customers need and my audience seeks.

Once I’ve covered those, I then look for hooks to keep my readers coming back for more great information. Continue reading

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Instagram Video: How You Can Use This Short Form Now

5 Actionable Instagram Video Marketing Tips

Instagram VideoWhat can you experience in 15 seconds?

One television ad but do they get viewed?

Or you can view an Instagram video. It has the benefit of being easy to create and consume via a mobile device. Continue reading

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