55 US Mobile Facts Every Marketer Needs For 2015

2015 Mobile Marketing – 19 Research Charts

2015 Mobile marketingMobile devices, smartphones and tablets, have changed our lives. As a result you need to plan your 2015 mobile marketing NOW!!!

Skip the  kisses, I’ve got to check my smartphone according to Touluna (August 2014). Continue reading

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7 Best-In-Class Content Marketing Characteristics To Succeed

How To Improve Your Content Marketing In 2015

Keep on trackHaving best-in-class content marketing isn’t an accident.

It doesn’t happen just because you’re marketing team got lucky.

While it helps, it takes more than that. Continue reading


20 Content Marketing Tips Guaranteed To Yield Results

9 Content Marketing Experts Reveal Their Secrets

content marketing tactics guaranteed to yield resultsWhile most businesses use some form of content marketing, does it generate the results their executives demand?

For many, their content marketing is a leap of faith. Therefore, they can’t answer this question. Continue reading

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13 Holiday Small Business Specials

Small Business Tips You Can Use 365 Days A Year

Small BusinessBefore the Thanksgiving turkey is even cold, we’re off to shop for the holidays.

Amazon, Walmart and other big stores have their marketing, promotions and inventories set. But what gives them clout is a double-edged sword; they have to pray their plans work.

But if you’re a small business owner, you have the flexibility to adapt and attract sales that go beyond a one-time great price offer.

Here’s research showing where affluent people plan to shop this holiday season.  Continue reading

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How Your Business Can Thank The People Who Matter Most

Don’t Be A Turkey: 20 Ways Marketers Can Say Thank You

Thanksgiving 2014Thanksgiving is more than a big turkey-focused meal with all of the trimmings and non-stop holiday sales. Nor is it the envy-inducing social media images portraying how great your cooking looks.

Rather, Thanksgiving is a time to look inward to truly appreciate those people in our lives that give us love, support and camaraderie. Oftentimes we don’t let them know how much we care about them. Continue reading

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2015 B2B Buyers: A Content Marketing Crash Course

15 B2B Content Marketing Tips For End User Buyers

2015 B2B BuyersNewsflash: B2B buyers are living, breathing human beings, not machines.

While this may sound obvious, the reality is that many B2B marketers overlook this key fact when marketing to business buyers. Often, they’ve skipped crafting a marketing persona and related analyses. Continue reading

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14 Twitter Holiday Tips To Beat Your Competition

Use Twitter To Supercharge Your Holiday Sales

Twitter-FireworksIs Twitter integrated into your 2014 holiday marketing plans?

If not, there’s still time to get the most out of this real time social media platform even though Black Friday’s just around the corner.

Because over 50% of UK users turn to Twitter to discuss what they’re doing RIGHT NOW according to Nielsen. (Check out Dan Zarrella inspired tips for tweets and retweets.)

Continue reading

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200 Million Reasons Your Business Needs Instagram

15 Instagram Social Media Tactics To Extend Your Reach

Instagram social media tactics-Instamatic 104Instagram, the mobile visual social media content platform continues to grow.

With 200 million monthly active users posting 60 million photos daily, Instagram attracts 1.6 billion likes per day. Continue reading

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12 Mind-Blowing Social Media Metrics Facts (Charts)

What Social Media Metrics Mean For Your Business

12 Mind-Blowing Social Media Metrics FactsTracking social media performance in achieving key business objectives is critical to proving your marketing effectiveness. Without it, your ability to get additional budget, resources and (dare I say it?) keep your job are at risk.

To understand the disconnect between social media engagement and driving business results, examine these 3 data points: Continue reading

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What Most Smart Marketers Miss About Google+

Google+ Tactics: 3 Ways To Maximize Your Reach

Google+ and Marketers-1If you, like many other marketers, think of Google+ as just another social media network in the Facebook and LinkedIn model, you probably believe that it lacks the powerful social interaction you’d expect.

Yet at the heart of the matter is that Google+ isn’t about social media.

Continue reading

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