Internal Content Curation VS External Content Curation

Power Your Content: Internal and External Content Curation

Internal content curation vs external content curationWhich is better for your content marketing: internal content curation vs external content curation?

You may not realize there’s a difference between internal content curation and external content curation.

I’m not surprised. Continue reading

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How To Develop Your Sales Forecast

8 Easy Steps To Create Your Revenue Forecast

Sales ForecastSay the words “sales forecast” to a marketer. Suddenly they’re too busy to talk.

“Ask finance,” they’ll respond. They think: Sales forecasts are the bean counters’ responsibility. Continue reading

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5 Ways Your 2016 Content Marketing Is Costing You

Missed 2016 Content Marketing Opportunities

Missed 2016 Content Marketing OpportunitiesIt’s the mid-point of 2016. Have you missed 2016 content marketing opportunities?

If you’re like many of your peers, the answer is probably.

Don’t worry. We’ve got you covered. Continue reading

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15 Summer Branding Tips Your Business Needs

Is Your Brand In Shape For The Summer?

15 Summer Branding TipsSummer is in full swing.

Is your brand summer-ready?

If you’re like many marketers and businesses, you probably leave your branding on autopilot.

Like your wardrobe, the reality is you must update your brand on a regular basis. Continue reading

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Best Marketing Advice For Recent Graduates

100 Marketing Experts Share Their Career Wisdom

Best Marketing Advice – 100 expertsOn the MetroNorth railroad, heading back to Grand Central, I gave my two cents regarding how to get into marketing to a recent graduate seated opposite me.

I recommended spending time on social media to understand how businesses use it to achieve business objectives (as opposed to using it to socialize) and starting a blog.

To supplement this advice, I pulled a notepad out of my backpack and jotted down a few books and resources. Continue reading

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Actionable Marketing Guide Summer Reading List

15 Books To Put In Your Beach Bag

Actionable Marketing Guide Summer Reading ListMost people think summer reading equals light reads.

Look around you and you’ll see beach disposable mysteries, love and escapist stories on many blankets (or smartphones!)

Like vacations, this type of book feels necessary to get out of your current reality and clear your mind. Continue reading

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50 Social Media Tips You Can Use Now

50 States of Social Media

50 Social Media TipsTo celebrate the Fourth of July, America’s birthday, we’re giving you 50 social media tips.

One social media tip for each state of the union.

This way you can be a bright star on social media showing your rocket’s red glare. Continue reading

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Mid-Year Marketing Checklist: 75 Points

Is Your 2016 Marketing On Track To Succeed?

Mid-Year Marketing ChecklistWe’re half way through 2016.

Is your 2016 marketing is on track to achieve its year-end goals?

Not a question you want to answer? Continue reading

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Blog Community: 5 Types of People Your Blog Needs

Why Your Blog Needs A Community

Blog communitySay community to most bloggers and they automatically think: email list.

It’s the way we’re been programmed as bloggers. Your email list is the goal. It’s your blog asset.

But what I mean when I say your blog takes a community is more akin to Hillary Clinton’s statement that it takes a village to raise a child. Continue reading

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5 Social Media Content Formats Your Business Needs

How To Reel In Your Target Audience On Social Media

5 social media content formatsLike a hungry teenager, social media always wants more content.

To attract an audience on social media, you need to know your prospects, customers, influencers and social media followers. Ideally create a social media persona.

At a minimum, answer the following 5 questions about your target audience: Continue reading

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